5 Storage Ideas for Your Tea, Herbs, and Powdered Extracts

5 Storage Ideas for Your Tea, Herbs, and Powdered Extracts

Having a huge collection of teas, tonic herbs, and superfood extracts can sometimes look messy and disorganized. This is why every tea and superfood lover shares one big problem: storage.

If you’ve been a superfood lover for a long time, you’ve probably already figured this one out. But if you’re just new in the game, you might still be deciding which kinds of storage will work for you and your stash.

Fret not! In this piece, we’re sharing some of the best storage options that you can use for your collection so you can organise and keep track of all your stock!

So, brew a cuppa, sit back, and let’s get started!


1. Tea bag organizers

Steeping tea bags in hot water is probably one of the most popular ways to enjoy a cuppa. It’s easy and quick to do, not messy, and more importantly, affordable!

If you’re a hoarder of these little porous packets and you need some help on how to properly store them, you’re on the right page. Below are some ideas to help you store your individually packed tea bags for the long term.

Acrylic organizers

If you have more than two variants of your favourite tea, having a clear plastic organiser as storage is the way to go. Not only will it help you store and organize your tea collection by variant, but it will also help your tea bags stay fresh for longer.

The best part is, when it’s time to brew a cuppa, you can quickly find the specific tea for the day because of its clear design.

Also, you can easily store these organisers on your countertop, inside a drawer, or on a shelf.

Tea bag carousel

Now if you’re the type who loves to flaunt a well-curated tea bag collection, a tea bag carousel can do the job. It’s like a Lazy Susan but with dedicated compartments to hold your tea bags.

It’s a great space-saving solution that will certainly look great on any coffee or tea station.

Wooden storage boxes

Wooden tea bag boxes are great for individually packed tea bags and even for those that are not. Since they are lidded, these boxes can help your tea bags last much longer.

Not to mention, this type of storage comes in a variety of styles and stains that can match the theme of your tea corner. Aside from the design, consider buying the ones that have clear lids so you can see your tea collection.


2. Mason jars

If you love your tea the old-fashioned way with loose-leaf teas, or you’re also a big fan of tonic herbs and superfood powdered extracts, what you’ll need are airtight containers to keep your stash fresh and flavourful.

We recommend using mason jars with airtight bamboo lids or metallic lids that protect your tea leaves and herbs against moisture and humidity. Not to mention, they will also keep pesky bugs from rummaging through your collection.

Since these glasses are clear, you can also easily recognize your Japanese matcha or your Korean pine needle tea leaves without using labels. If you have powdered extracts that look the same from afar, you can easily label these glasses with a marker or printed stickers.

Another benefit of using clear glass jars is that the natural colours of your loose-leaf teas, tonic herbs and extracts are emphasized, which can be nice to look at especially if stacked together on a shelf or cabinet.


3. Metal/tin canisters

Using metal canisters is another great way to show love for your super teas, tonic herbs, and powdered extracts. They also do a great job in protecting them from moisture and air. Metal containers can also shield your collection from UV light, which can be damaging to certain products.

This type of storage also comes in various sizes. So, if you always buy tea leaves and tonic herbs in bulk, you can buy bigger metal jars to store your stock, then buy smaller ones where you can store a portion for daily consumption. This way, you don’t expose all your stock to air every time you feel like having a cup.

If you want a clean and minimalist aesthetic for your superfood corner, regular metallic canisters are a great option. But if you want a pop of colour for your collection, painted versions are also widely available.


4. Airtight clay containers

Much like metal canisters, ceramic containers can also keep your stash fresh for a long time by blocking air, moisture, and light. They have lids that are integrated with silicone seals to make them airtight for great preservation.

These lids are also often made of beech wood, which makes them even more aesthetically pleasing! They’re available in plain white or other neutral palettes, but they also come in a variety of colours.

Ceramics are also known as an environmentally friendly material because they can be ground and recycled to make ceramics again.

If you’re looking for a container for your loose-leaf tea, and tonic herbal extracts, you can’t go wrong with ceramic containers.


5. Miron glass jars

If you buy your tea and superfoods from us, we highly suggest that you store them in Miron violet glass jars. This type of glass jar blocks all kinds of light that speed up the decomposition of natural products. That’s why you never see our superfoods in clear packaging.

These Miron violet glass jars also have a couple more benefits:

  • It improves the quality of your tonic herbs and superfoods
  • Helps keep the freshness of superfoods
  • Increases the shelf life of the products
  • It’s reusable and recyclable

Buy Miron glass jars here.  

Now that we’ve given solutions to one of the main problems of every tea and superfood lover, here’s another one that always gets brought up every time we talk about tea and herb storage.


How to Avoid Clumpy Herbs

Sometimes, no matter what type of container you use, clumpy herbs can be hard to avoid, which is not surprising, especially for all-natural superfoods. Clumping doesn’t mean that your powdered products have gone bad. They’re still good and potent!

Here’s how you can avoid clumping in your herbs, teas, and superfoods so you can make the best out of them down to the very last grain.

But first, why are your teas, herbs, and extracts clumpy? Here are the main reasons why:

  • You’re always using a wet spoon. Moisture is one of the archenemies of all-natural products, especially superfoods.
  • You’ve left them unused for a really long time
  • You live in a humid climate

Now that you know why your herbs are clumping, the key to avoiding it is going to be simple. Here’s how:

  • Always use a dry spoon when scooping. Or better yet, have a dedicated scooper that you can just leave in the jar.
  • Try to make a cup of your fave tea every day
  • If you happen to be out of town and couldn’t use your herbs for quite a long time, give your jar of herbs a good shake or stir it with a dry spoon when you come back. Try to do it once a week, as well.
  • If you live in a humid area, you can store your herbs or extracts in the freezer or fridge.

And there you have it!

If you’re planning to shop for your teas, herbs, and superfoods in bulk, make sure to keep our tea storage ideas and hacks in mind. These will make your superfood experience much easier so you can enjoy every cup, down to the last sip!

And while you’re here, you can shop around our great collection of teas, herbs, and superfood extracts that are definitely worth adding to your personal collection.

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