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Amazing lions mane mushroom powder.

I can't say enough about super foods Australia, absolutely fantastic service and a fantastic product! They delivered within days of our order and the mushroom powder was of the highest grade, we will only use this company from now on.

Great product and customer service

Loving the pine needle tea
First order never arrived (due to Australia Post..)
A second one was sent to me even though it was clearly the fault of Australia Post as to why it didn't arrive to my address .. very much appreciate it ❤️❤️❤️

Lions Mane peace of mind

As I suffer from anxiety and depression using Lions Mane helps settle my mind, in order to cope with the world of madness that we live in, its effect works naturally gradually over time, and as I chose not to take damaging chemical concoctions that doctors prescribe, I preference is the way nature intended.

Lion's mane 13:1 Extract Capsules

Loving this product

i am in love with this product! i tried fulvic acid before and it does not compare to this Shilajit, this is the real deal! The biggest things I've noticed is the increased energy, mental clarity and just how good my body feels, I think my body was really inflamed before because i was always in pain and struggled working out and now i fly through a workout! Really looking forward to getting some more!

Shilajit resin oil Himalayan gold

Very good thank you

Fast shipping , excellent product

I have bought the organic 6 mushroom extract twice now, both time's shipped and received very quickly .
Been using it since november last year , in which time i haven't been sick , also had so much more mental clarity . I was initially concerned about the taste but use half a teaspoon daily in my coffee to which it makes it taste a little earthy , Definately not bad

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

love the cod liver oil guys works very well, i will be ordering this again


I like it .. it gives energy

I am using Shilajit Resin Oil daily and mix it with Chaga. I find it is a very good combination to maintain a healthy body.

I enjoy the product works well .will recommend it to friends

I find the freeze dried Siberian Chaga is a very good product to maintain good health.

Australian Lionsmane Mushroom

Since discovering this fungi, I have by using it found its power to heal our bodies is beyond anything provided by the medical profession, this from personal experience and from many of the clients we support who are also now using this fungi daily and feeling and seeing the difference its making in their lives.

My research will continue with this and other fungi we are only just beginning to understand how they work and just how powerful they are in healing body including our brains.

Thank you all for your work in getting both the information out and making the fungi available for all.

Love this product.

Indisputable benefits

I have been using the 6 mushroom extract for 9 months now and I have found it has almost cured my head eczema. Not even sure if it is eczema but these sores on the back of my head go away when I use the extract. When I stop using it, they come back, start taking it again they go away. Nothing else works. This stuff is remarkable. I have it in my coffee every morning. Tastes great too.

I love this tincture

I absolutely love this tincture, its more palatable than the tea and really works, I take it with hot water in winter, its absolutely amazing.

Organic 6 mushroom extract liquid

O my, I never expected it to taste good, my thoughts were if it's good for you it tastes bad lol,yet every morning I have a dropper-full stright. I've only been taking it for few weeks now and hopefully I can see the changes in my health benefits

Australian Grown Lion's Mane Mushroom

the decaf that doest make you feel sick

when you drink this decaf you will notice its smooth not bitter no after taste enjoy:)

Subtle improvements

This combination has been good. I drink fewer espressos and have noticed that my memory has been more sharp later in the day. The subtle difference is that I’m on point for longer & feel more capable as a result. I recommend this product.

Pine Pollen Powder Cracked Cell Wall

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