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Superfoods Australia Reviews

Based on 708 reviews

Not sure have not used long enough

Maqui Berry Powder

Tastes great and will be back for more. Great quality

Turkey tail powder

Very good product, easily digestible and very palatable.

Chaga powder

I enjoy having my daily coffee with chaga. It’s easy to mix and actually tastes good.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract 13:1?

Great product, really notice the difference in my cognition, seems to awaken my brain! Also noticed the increase of energy and it has helped my stomach problems. Absolutely fantastic stuff, highly recommend ! I have tried a few different brands and this is one i will stick with😊

Great product and service overall very happy


Love this product I feel less tired and more alert since having it in my coffee ever morning

Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract 30:1

its very potent when putting under the tongue, have just started using it .
I seem to have have a little extra enegy

Fantastic Fungi

After watching Fantastic Fungi documentary I ordered two products from you. Hope they are improving my well being.

Turkey Tail Extract Powder

Fast delivery interstate!

Product well packaged (Tea) and delivered express post interstate and it arrived within the week.

Love the tinctures

Love this combination of shilajit and siberian ginseng.. can feel the extra benefit of the ginseng singing in harmony with the shilajit.

Lion’s Mane

Another good product. Delivered on time & easy to use.

The First Two Weeks

Certainly have noticed an improvement in my general health overall. Especially my breathing which has caused me concern for the last few years, will update review in a month or so, but as I say; If it ain't natural, it ain't natural.

mushroom extract

Good price on these quality extracts

Great service! And the pine pollen tastes great!
Combining extract and tincture seem to work great!

Gold service - Gold product

Great customer service, great quality product.. I have used many 'Fulvic acid' supplements in the past, although this is by far the best of them and actually tastes really good in my opinion..

Elderberry Powder

Wonderful product and extremely important for these times with it's high Shikimic acid content. Look it up and get onboard. It's fabulous in a fruit and coconut milk smoothie. You'll love it!!!

Turkey Tail Extract Powder

Forever Fan

I completely love this product, from taste to benefits. I am able to recover from exercise faster, my gut health has improved immensely, my skin has cleared up,… I will continue to buy this as a regular daily addition to my regime. So happy!

Chugging Chaga

I've quite enjoyed drinking Chaga with my morning coffee & believe it's helping me physical with my health too!

Amazing Stuff!

I feel wonderful and my body seems so in tune with how it’s meant to operate since starting the Shilajit Resin. Not sure I’ll ever like the taste but a moment of bitter taste is so worth it to feel this great.

Organic 6 Mushroom Extract - Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, Lion's Mane

Excellent product

Very happy with the results after taking Shilajit. More natural energy throughout the day. Sleep has improved. Waking up feeling refreshed for first time in years. Have been able to reduce coffee intake from 3 standard cups to 1 per day. More natural energy without the crash from caffeine. Very highly recommended. Great for parenting young kids.


Love it, very good taste, goes well with the coffee in the mornings

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