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All of our superfood tea is designed to help you relax, unwind and enjoy a long and vibrant life.



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Our super teas are made from pure and organically grown and harvested superfoods. A hot cuppa from our range of herbal teas will certainly help nourish your mind and body so you can enjoy a long and vibrant life.


Origins of tea

The tradition of brewing herbal tea, either for medicinal purposes or as an afternoon unwind, has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. And it is believed to have started in Ancient China and Ancient Egypt around 2737 BCE.

It was then introduced to European countries in 1560 by a Portuguese Jesuit missionary. And from there, it gradually rose in popularity in several western cities like New York (then New Amsterdam) and London, England.

Nowadays, tea has transformed into different variations and is now enjoyed all over the world.


Health benefits of herbal tea

There are hundreds of different types of tea. Depending on what type of tea is brewing, the nutritional content that your body will receive can vary.

But in general, several types of freshly brewed cuppa tea can help promote overall wellness and may share the same health benefits that your body will surely enjoy. Below are only some of them:

1. Tea has anti-cold properties

Drinking a hot cup of tea is one of the best and most natural ways to treat a common cold. Aside from the warm water that can help soothe your throat, certain teas can also contain antibacterial properties that aid with the treatment of a cold.

2. It may aid digestion

Tea is also known as a go-to beverage after a hearty meal. And that’s because it may help empty your stomach faster by breaking down the fats. As a result, you can reduce your chances of suffering from indigestion, and bloating.

3. It may help strengthen your immunity

Most herbs and superfoods that are steeped to make tea contain great amounts of antioxidants. And as you may already know, antioxidants are great immunity boosters.

By protecting your body from oxidative stress, antioxidants also help lower your risk of getting chronic diseases.

4. It can help you relax

There’s a reason why a cup of tea is a universally loved pick-me-up beverage. According to several studies, drinking tea can help lower cortisol levels or stress hormones in the body.

Avid tea drinkers can also attest to the calming and comforting qualities of the beverage. That’s why most people drink tea before going to sleep.


4 Must-try Herbal Teas from Superfoods Australia

Check out some of our best-sellers! These super teas will certainly complete your stash.

Green Tea Chai our green tea is made from premium Japanese green tea mixed with organic spices. A hot cup of this herbal tea will give you loads of antioxidants called catechins, which help promote overall wellness in the body.

Japanese Matcha our premium-grade Japanese matcha is made from organic green tea leaves that are stone-ground to produce a very fine matcha powder.

To make the perfect matcha, add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water then stir or whisk. You can also turn it into a summer drink by simply adding ice-cold soda water to the brewed tea.

Siberian Pine Needle Tea harvested organically from the Ural Pine Trees that grow on the Siberian Taiga, our Siberian Pine Needle Tea contains large amounts of Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong.

Our Siberian Pine Needle Tea comes in several forms. You can buy it in dried pine needles that you can steep yourself. Or you can buy powdered extracts, tincture and tea bags for a quick and easy fix.

Australian Lemon Myrtle Tea our lemon myrtle tea is made from dried organic lemon myrtle leaves that are homegrown here in Australia.

This specific type of herbal tea has a lemony flavour to it, making it perfect both for a summer ice-cold drink or a hot winter cup.


Why buy herbal teas from Superfoods Australia

If you’re a certified tea lover, buy your stash from Superfoods Australia! Why? Well, we make sure that every superfood product in our collection is 100% pure and organic.

Shop your go-to herbal teas and we’ll deliver them straight to your door wherever you are in Australia! For orders above $100, we’ll take care of the shipping fee.

We’re so confident about the quality of our herbal teas that we encourage you to return the products that you bought in case there is a defect in the packaging, or if you simply don’t love them.

We can have them replaced or we can refund your money, depending on what you prefer. Either way, we’re more than happy to guide you throughout the process!