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What are Tinctures & How to Use Them?

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs and plants.  They are highly concentrated which means that the dosage of them can be quite small yet effective.

Tinctures can be made in a number of different ways, most commonly by steeping alcohol, water, and the herb or plant together for a period of time, the liquid from this process is the tincture. The alcohol used in the steeping process actually draws out the active ingredients in the plant, which allows them to concentrate as a liquid.

The dosages vary by tincture type; however, they are commonly taken by either adding to a small glass of water, or directly under the tongue. By taking the tincture directly under your tongue, you are letting it absorb into your bloodstream making them faster acting.

While the benefits of tinctures vary depending on the superfood, the high concentration means that your dosage can be lower and less frequent than other forms of superfoods.


Tincture Superfoods & Their Benefits:

Almost any superfood can be turned into a tincture, some of the more popular tinctures include:

Lemon Myrtle Tincture

Benefits of Lemon Myrtle: Aid in stress relief, anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing sore throats, and beating sinus infections, high level of antioxidants; immune strengthening to keep colds and flu at bay.


Pine Pollen Tincture

Benefits of Pine Pollen: Adaptogenic superfood believed to increase energy, support hormones, increase testosterone levels naturally, boost immune system and increase libido.


Siberian Chaga Tincture

Benefits of Siberian Chaga: Believed to support immune systems, helps fight inflammation and infection, high level of antioxidants helps fight free radicals in our bodies, adaptogenic nature helps provide balance and promote healthy stress responses.


Lion’s Mane Tincture

Benefits of Lion’s Mane: Believed to support brain health and improve cognitive functioning, aid in mood regulation and believed to help boost physical energy.


Shilajit Tincture

Benefits of Shilajit: Believed to help fight fatigue and improve energy, its antioxidant properties help in fighting free radicals in our bodies, which can improve the appearance of our skin, and the compounds present in shilajit are believed to support our brain function and improve our cognitive abilities.


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