Pine Needle Tincture

  • ★ Pure Potency liquid extract
  • ★ Highly bioavailable for fast absorption  
  • ★ Made from organic wild harvested pine needles
  • ★ Amplify your physical and mental potential
  • ★ Pure apoptogenic vitality enhancer 
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    Pine Needle Tincture

    Superfoods Australia's pure Ural Pine (Pinus sylvestris) Needle Tincture is made from pine needles harvested deep in the Siberian Taiga far from human civilization and pollution. 

    Pine needles are popular due to them containing vitamin c and the compound Suramin. Our Pine Needles are harvested when the pollen is being released so it comes with Siberian Pine pollen mixed in for extra benefits.

      Suggested Use

      Add 30 drops to hot water and drink as a tea, add honey for sweetness.

      Contraindications: Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

      Sourcing: Made in Australia from wild Taiga Pine Needles.

      Ingredients: 20-24% Alcohol, Deionised water, Pine needle Liquid Extract, Siberian Ginseng Liquid Extract.

      "These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

      Benefits of Superfoods Australia's Pine Needle Tincture

      • Wild harvested in the Taiga
      • Comes with pine pollen on the needles as it is harvested when the pollen is being released 
      • Contains Suramin and vitamin C
      • Great for cold winter evenings
      • Excellent for detoxification and regeneration