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Organic super mushrooms are well-known for supporting stress management, cognitive health, immunity and energy. These 100% organic, nutrient-rich mushrooms retain the vital bioenergetic vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, adaptogens, and phytonutrients.




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What are Super Mushrooms & How to Use Them?

High in antioxidants and adaptogenic in nature, super mushrooms are well known for their ability to support stress management, cognitive health, immunity & increase energy.

There are many different varieties of super mushrooms, each with their own benefits. Able to be taken individually or combined with other mushrooms, at Superfoods Australia, our huge range of super mushrooms are available as tinctures, powdered extracts and capsules.

Regardless of your chosen format, super mushrooms can be simply added to your diet.

Types of Super Mushrooms & Their Benefits

Agaricus Blazei

Native to Brazil and known as the “mushroom of the gods”, the Agaricus Blazei is believed to reduce the risk of illnesses by strengthening the immune system, as well as protect the body from free radicals due to its antioxidant properties. In addition to this it is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels by supporting healthy insulin activity.


Usually grown in colder climates such as Northern Europe, Russia, Siberia & Canada, the changa mushroom is a nutrient dense super mushroom that contains many vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Some of the believed benefits of chaga mushroom include supporting the immune systems to avoid illnesses, the high antioxidant content is thought to slow the ageing process, and help lower cholesterol, while chaga’s ability to regulate the production of cytokines in the body is believed to fight inflammation.


Growing wildly in the mountain provinces of China, Tibet & South America, Cordyceps are touted as having huge range of health benefits.  A natural energy booster, cordyceps are thought to aid in athletic performance and recovery. The bioactive compounds of cordyceps are believed to assist in boosting the immune system, and the antioxidants are believed to protect against cell damage.

Lion’s Mane

Native to North America, Europe and Asia, Lion’s Mane can help you fight of illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria, as well as providing nourishment for the brain, and is thought to support the product of nerve growth factors, which may help us recover from nervous systems conditions.


A type of adaptogen, maitake means dancing mushroom in Japan. It is thought to have gotten the name after people celebrated the healing properties of the Maitake. Some of the benefits maitake mushrooms are believed to have include the ability to improve metabolic health, stimulate the immune system, and help us manage our reactions to stress.


Grown in hot and humid climates in Asia, some of the believed benefits of Reishi mushroom include fighting fatigue, boosting the immune system, helping us adapt to stress and is even believed to help regulate moods and have a positive effect on managing depression.


A more commonly known super mushroom; the shitake mushroom originates in East Asia. The benefits of Shitake mushrooms are aplenty, some of which include boosting energy, improving brain function, provide support to the immune system, provide vitamin D and is even believed to have properties that help fight obesity.

Turkey Tail

Packed with polysaccharides and antioxidants, the turkey tail mushroom has been shown to be able to improve the immune system and manage inflammation in our bodies. In addition to this, the naturally occurring compounds can aid in improving stamina and support the health of your digestive system.


Adding Super Mushrooms to Your Diet

Capsules and tinctures are easily added to your routine and can be taken alone. Powdered extracts of individual or multiple mushrooms are a popular option that can be added to your favourite meals, smoothies, and other beverages. Consider trying a mushroom elixir combining 5-6 different mushroom types, or an espresso mushroom elixir that can replace or compliment your morning coffee.


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