Reishi Mushroom Cracked Cell Wall Spore Powder

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Reishi Mushroom Cracked Cell Wall Spore Powder

  • Organic Semi-Wild Grown Changbai Mountain Reishi Spore
  • Cracked cell wall to make it highly digestible
  • Contains large amounts of Reishi triterpenes
  • Raw, Vegan, and Paleo friendly
  • Organic Superfood from the forest Di-Tao grown Reishi from its ancestral home

We sourced our Reishi for you from the clean air of the Changbai Mountains where it is semi-wild organically grown in the forests as nature originally intended. The spores are carefully harvested when the fruit body ripens and naturally releases them and then we crush the cell walls of the Reishi Spores using a unique low heat method to make them highly digestible.

The active constituents in Reishi are its unique Polysaccharides, triterpenes, and Beta-Glucans. Our Reishi Spore Powder is completely raw and organic; processed and packaged in a low temperature, clean air environment to preserve the vital energy, potency and reduce oxidation; Collected only at the height of potency; contains no drying agents, preservatives or fillers.

Suggested Usage: Add 1/2 teaspoon to hot water, milk/mylk, smoothies, elixirs, teas, coffee, etc. 

Buy our Reishi Mushroom Spore cracked cell wall powder today, we know you will love it! 100% money back guarantee and orders ship daily via Auspost express post.

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