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Extracts are produced using a solvent like water or grain alcohol to extract the active compounds in the Tonic Herbs and Mushrooms. The extraction ratio is how concentrated the final extract is, for example our 30:1 Chaga extract requires 30kg of Chaga to make 1kg of extract. A 30:1 extract is 3x more concentrated than a 10:1 extract, so our Chaga is 3x stronger than the 10:1 extracts the majority of our competitors are selling. 

What is the difference between Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen and Pine Pollen Extract?

Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen has had its cell wall broken to make it digestible as the human body is unable to break down the cell walls. It has raw enzymes which are missing from the 20:1 Pine Pollen Extract but the extract has more of the active compounds. It is good to take them together for this reason. The tincture contains the best of both worlds with the raw enzymes and active compounds extracted into the tincture. 

Where are your products grown and produced?

We source from all over the world and always from traditional di-tao growing areas. Our Chaga extracts are wild harvested in Siberia where the best Chaga comes from and the other mushrooms are grown wild (turkey tail) and semi-wild in the mountain forests in China. We now have Australian grown Lion's Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake as well.
Our Pine Pollen is from the mountains of the Yunnan Provence in China. Our MSM and Fulvic Acid is from the USA. Our Shilajit is from the Altai mountains in Siberia which is one of the cleanest places on earth. We also have Shilajit from the Pakistani Himalayas.
All extractions are produced in GMP certified facilities with strict quality control. We take the sourcing of our products very seriously as we use them as well and only want the best available.
Our Black Maca is from Peru, Acai is from Brazil, and the Elderberry and Maqui Berry are from Chile.

How long does it take for orders to be shipped?

We ship daily, 5 days a week via Auspost express (flat rate of $9 or free on orders over $100) to Australian customers and via international registered or express to international customers.

We only use the Australia Post network which we have found to be much more reliable than the other courier companies in Australia.  

All orders come with tracking and sms tracking if you put in your phone number at checkout. International orders get updates via email from Australia Post.

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Is it safe to ship Cod liver oil unrefrigerated?

Yes the cod and ratfish liver oils are sealed with nitrogen and have been tested safe to ship for over a month unrefrigerated. It is important to cool your bottle in the fridge before you open it.