Our Journey So Far…

In our extensive catalog of premium superfoods, you can find rare, traditional tonic herbs to help
you look and feel your best.

Meet the Owners

My name is Daniel Scheuch and I launched Superfoods Australia in 2011. Our store was started in the vast, beautiful landscapes of the Blue Mountain but we have now relocated to a warehouse in Mona Vale on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

We are passionate about discovering and sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients.

Passion for Adventure

I have always enjoyed adventure sports with a passion for health and wellness but as I pushed my body to the limit, I felt it pushing back. In addition to slower recovery times and post-exercise soreness, I was struggling with the pain of psoriasis flare-ups. With my science degree and health background, I began to search for natural remedies that could deliver more effective results without side effects.

Supercharged Body & Mind

With more natural energy, a clear, focused mind, and a stronger immune system, I was able to achieve more and bounce back faster. Pine pollen and Chaga mushroom extract added a new level of support and healing to my daily wellness rituals. Canyoning, snowboarding, bushwalking, and rock climbing became invigorating challenges again, not just tiring exercises!

The Discovery Process

This discovery process took years as I uncovered a long list of herbs and traditional tonics from around the world. These superfoods have a proven legacy of healing in many different cultures, but we forgot about them. After testing the tonics and adaptogen-rich extracts for myself, I discovered how much better I could feel and perform.

Pure Potent Tonic Herbs

As my own improvements and benefits became more apparent, I wanted to share this knowledge with the world. These wild-harvested, high-quality superfoods were extremely difficult to find, and most supplement sources weren’t clear or transparent about what they offered. We set out to build an accessible, reliable brand that brings pure, potent tonic herbs to the wider world.

Every Product is carefully sourced and tested.

Every product in our catalog is carefully sourced and tested for purity and potency. The wild- (or semi-wild-) harvested ingredients are cultivated with organic farming practices in pristine mountain regions where the air is pure and clean.

Verified Customer Review

"I have tried other brands of Lion's mane but the one is on a whole different level. When I take it my brain seems to be firing on all cylinders. I start remembering names of people I haven't seen or thought of in years and I'm able to memorize information with minimal effort. The other thing I really notice is how quickly I'm able to think on my feet and multi-task without getting stressed. I have a teaspoon of it in my morning coffee and another teaspoon in my tea before I go to bed. I've noticed it also improves sleep quality."

Find Your Elixir

Shop super mushrooms, superfood extract powders, tinctures, supplement capsules, and more! At Superfoods Australia, we believe that everyone deserves to thrive. In our extensive catalog of premium superfoods, you can find rare, traditional tonic herbs to help you look and feel your best.

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