Korean Pine Needle Tea

  • ★ Australia's highest potency Pine Needle Tea
  • ★ Contains all essential amino acids, proline, and arginine
  • ★ Organically wild harvested in the Changbai Mountains
  • ★ Contains Shikimic Acid, Suramin, and natural vitamin C. 
  • ★ Makes a delicious tea
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    Korean Pine Needle Tea 

    Are you looking for Korean Pine Needle Tea in Australia? Superfoods Australia now has pure Korean Red Pine Needles (Pinus koraiensis) which are wild harvested in the remote Changbai Mountains in China. The smell of this tea bursts out of the bag as soon as you open it and will fill the room with an amazing fresh pine scent. With a little honey they make an excellent evening drink or a fresh way to start the day.

    Pine needles are becoming well known for containing the compounds Shikimic Acid, Suramin, and large amounts of natural vitamin C. 

    Pine Needles also have all the essential amino acids, proline,  and semi-essential arginine.

    The Korean pine needles are in stock and ship out daily via express post, try them today!

    Suggested Use

    Add 2-3g to boiled water and seep for 5-10 min, filter with a tea strainer or French press.

    Contraindications: Breastfeeding and pregnancy.

    Sourcing: Changbai Mountains, China

    "These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

    Benefits of Superfoods Australia's Korean Pine Needle Tea

    • Wild harvested in the Changbai Mountains 
    • Contains vitamin C and suramin
    • Makes a great summer tea
    • Includes all of the essential amino acids
    • Contains Proline and semi-essential arginine