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It’s about time to organise your growing collection of superfoods! Miron glass jars will not only help you put together of a neat and cohesive set up but will also help maintain the freshness of your tonic herbs and superfoods!

What is a Miron jar?

Miron jars are dark-coloured glass containers, as seen above, that are made of biophotonic glass, which is also known as Miron or violet glass.

These jars are mainly used for storing and preserving substances like essential oils, herbs, and other medicinal products.

While the industrial production of these Miron glass jars only started in 1995, it’s believed that the use of violet glass jars is a practice as old as time.

Egyptians were thought to be the first ones to use these dark-coloured jars, along with their golden containers.

Just to be clear, Miron is a company that’s known for making these types of jars, which is why they may also be referred to as violet glass jars.

How does Miron glass really work?

The effectiveness of Miron glass jars relies on their ability to filter out visible light. Why block visible light, you might ask?

Well, visible light can cause certain products to degrade much more quickly as it encourages microbial growth. That’s why using clear glass bottles in plant-based products is a big no as the visible spectrum of light can speed up the decaying process.

Aside from blocking visible light, another characteristic of Miron glass is that it selectively allows UVA and UVB rays to penetrate the bottle.

These ultraviolet rays are needed to kill bacteria and hinder bacterial growth to maintain freshness and prolong the shelf life of the product.

Violet glass vs Amber glass

You might be asking, why use Miron jars when you can simply use reusable clear glass jars or the emptied amber bottles in your medicine cabinet?

Well, it’s one of the biggest mistakes that consumers make. First, as we mentioned above, clear glass jars can encourage the microbial growth.

Secondly, while, both Miron jars and amber jars are tinted and can filter out light, they still serve very different purposes.

If the Miron violet glass filters out the visible light and lets in UVA and UVB to prevent microbial growth, amber glass does the complete opposite.

Amber glass blocks UV light while also allowing visible light to penetrate. It’s the reason why medicine and beer bottles are normally tinted in amber colour.

UVA and UVB can damage medicine that’s why they require amber bottles that filter UV light.

On the other hand, beer is bottled in amber containers that let white light in to encourage microbial activity, which is what makes this beverage taste so good in the first place. 

Why buy a miron glass jar?

Miron glass jars are normally used by skincare manufacturers and superfood shops like us.

Aside from its preservation benefits, it’s also one of the best packagings out there. That’s why you’ll see some of our products like the Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract bottled in a Miron glass jar.

However, even if you’re a regular customer, you can also use these violet glass jars to organize your superfood stash.

You may have bought your fave superfoods in packets or clear bottles during one of your shopping sprees. So to neatly organize and preserve these herbs and superfood products, using Miron glass jars is the best way to go.

Just make sure to label them properly since it can be hard to differentiate these jars from one another. 

Buy Miron violet glass jars in Australia

If you’re looking to organize your superfood stash, make sure to use Miron jars, not clear or amber-coloured bottles.

Keep in mind that these Miron jars will not only help you set up a well-sorted and neat-looking stash but will also prolong the shelf life of your fave superfoods.

You can buy out European-made high quality Miron jars right here online from anywhere in Australia. Grab some superfoods on the way out and if your order is over $100, we’ll take care of the express delivery fee.