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Pine Pollen Powder


Have a taste of the fine goodness of pine pollen that can help promote overall wellness in your body. Our pine pollen products are organically harvested from pine trees and they come in different formats like powdered extract, capsules, tincture and more.


What is pine pollen?

Pine pollen is a fertilizing component that is produced by male pine trees. It’s bright yellow in colour and texture-wise, they are fine, dry, and powdery or grain. That’s why they’re perfect for herbal medicines.

Much like the reishi spore powder, pine pollen is one of the superfoods that actually came from another superfood. These fine grains are discharged by specific pine tree species like the Masson’s pine (Pinus massoniana), Chinese red pine (Pinus tabulaeformis), and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris).  They are then harvested carefully for consumption.


Origins of pine pollen

Pine pollen powder was first used during the Tang Dynasty in China. It was first recorded in a book called the Xin Xiu Ben Cao, a well-known book of herbs and their uses during that dynasty.

According to the records, pine pollen (originally called Songhuafen or Songhuang) was consumed mainly as tea and was believed to be effective in increasing urination, promoting blood flow, prolonging life span and more benefits.

Thousands of years later, this superfood is still being used as herbal medicine or supplement all around the world.


Health Benefits of Pine Pollen Powder

Pine pollen’s nutritional value is not to be slept on. It contains some of the most needed nutrients that our body needs. Some of them are protein, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A and B, fatty acids, and more.

And just like any other superfood, pine pollen also has potential health benefits that can help improve your overall wellness. Below are only some of them.

1. May help increase testosterone levels

Testosterone is not just exclusive to male human anatomy. You can also find this reproductive component in plant species like male pine trees, just in the form of pine pollen.

According to scientists, you can find testosterone in the Scots pine trees. For every 10 grams of pollen from this pine tree, you can find 0.8 micrograms of testosterone.

Because of this, pine pollen powder has been a popular product for men for increasing their testosterone levels.

2. May help with anti-aging

According to some studies, pine pollen can potentially combat some markers of aging, thus, slowing down the process and preventing some age-related diseases.

Researchers also found out that ingestion of pine pollen diminished the memory errors in their subjects when tested for neurological activities.

While this doesn’t mean that pine pollen powder is the new “fountain of youth”, one cannot ignore its potential to help the body slow down some effects of aging.

3. Can potentially help to flush out the free radicals in your body

If it hasn’t occurred to you, one of the elements that catapult an herb, fruit, or plant into the superfood conversation is the antioxidant content.

Antioxidants play a major role in keeping the body in tiptop shape as they can prevent free radicals from damaging your cells.

Thanks to its antioxidant content, pine pollen extract also has anti-inflammatory properties to help protect cells from damage.


Different Ways to Enjoy Pine Pollen Powder

Depending on your preference, you may get your daily dose of pine pollen goodness in different ways. This way, you can shake things up whenever you want to!

Below are only some of our amazing pine pollen products that will complete your stash:

1. Pine Pollen Extract Powder

Our powdered extract of this superfood couldn’t be any purer! It’s 100% organic and free from any kind of fillers and preservatives.

Every 100 grams of this powdered extract is worth around 2 kg of raw pine pollen so you know it’s the good stuff!

The best way to enjoy this fine healthy powder is by simply making a hot cuppa tea out of it or mixing a half teaspoon with your fave milk!

2. Pine Pollen Extract Capsules

This product is still the 100% pure and organic pine pollen powdered extract that’s rich in nutrients and vitamins. Only this time it’s enclosed in a capsule.

This is perfect for on-the-go consumption, making it the best option for people who simply don’t have time to fix a cuppa tea.

3. Pine Pollen Tincture

Another easy way to get your regular dose of pine pollen goodness is by several drops of our pine pollen tincture. Thirty drops of our tincture mixed in a glass of hot water or milk will certainly make a big difference.

Aside from pine pollen powder, our tincture also has Siberian ginseng extracts for added benefits!


Why buy pine pollen powder from Superfoods Australia

At Superfoods Australia, we make sure that our products came from 100% pure and organically grown and harvested superfoods. 

Not only that, we make sure that every product that you buy from us is of high quality. That’s why we always recommend that you return the product in case there is a defect or if you just don’t love them. As simple as that.

You can choose between the replacement of the product or having your money refunded.

But we’re so sure about the quality of our products that we doubt we’ll even get to that!

So, if you’re in the process of upgrading your superfood stash and you haven’t tried pine pollen powder yet, buy from us!

We’ll deliver it straight to you wherever you are in Australia. If your cart amounts to more than $100, we’ll take care of the shipping fee!

Don’t tell us it’s not a sweet deal!