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Adaptogenic Jing Tonic Herbs are perfect for adapting to stress, training and exercise. They help us to regenerate and recover and get the most out of a training program. 




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Jing Building Foods at Superfoods Australia

What are Jing Building Foods & How to Use Them?

Rich in amino acids, natural vitamins, and high-quality enzymes, Jing Building foods are herbs that are adaptogenic in nature. They have the ability to help our bodies adapt, and recover from exertion, as well as allow us to relieve stress and improve our sleep.

Superfoods Australia’s wide range of Jing building foods can be used as additives to smoothies, meals, and teas. Refer to individual products for usage suggestions.


Key Benefits of Jing Building Foods

Some benefits of Jing Building Foods include:

  • Restore Energy
  • Aid in Adrenal Health
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Stress Management
  • Improved Stamina & Libido


Historical Usage of Jing Building Foods

In ancient Chinese medicine, it is believed that three vital treasures hold a unique power over our bodies. Each of these treasures work together to ensure that we achieve a long, healthy & happy life.

Of the three treasures, Jing is considered our essence, and responsible for the physical and bodily functions, and while the other two treasures are as important as Jing, the restoration of Jing should be prioritised as it is the energy storage of the body.

Jing energy is vital to our everyday living, and as we age, our ability to restore and recharge our Jing energy lessens. If we lead a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, not getting enough sleep, and excessive anger can fasten the depletion of our Jing energy, and lead to us ageing prematurely.

There are a number of signs that indicate your Jing energy is depleting, including hair loss, lethargy, difficulty focusing and premature ageing. 


Improve Your Jing Energy with Superfoods Australia

The addition of Jing building herbs and foods are the easiest way we can restore our Jing energy. At Superfoods Australia, we pride ourselves on our large range of Jing building superfoods we have available to our customers. Our arsenal of natural products is sourced from reliable and environmentally conscious suppliers from all over the world.

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