Different Ways to Enjoy Superfoods

Different Ways to Enjoy Superfoods

It’s practically old news --- superfoods are good for you and they’re here to stay. If you’re wondering about creative ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet, we’ve listed them down for you.

What Are Superfoods?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of things, here are a few things you may want to know first about superfoods.

Superfoods are basically fruits, vegetables, and herbs that pack a punch in the nutrition department. They are more nutritionally dense than other food and possess many health benefits that others lack.

Reasons Why Superfoods Should Be a Part of Your Diet

female eating superfood in kitchen

Let’s be honest - if we get down to it, most of the food we eat isn’t healthy.

Our lifestyles dictate what we eat, how much, and how often. Most of us live pretty busy lives. Bustling from point A to point B, making sure we do this and that… you catch the drift.

Yet despite this fact, a lot of people neglect to take into consideration what they feed themselves can make a huge impact on their overall health and wellbeing. We can compare our bodies to machines; over time, a machine would need to be well-maintained for it to continue flawlessly. Without proper care and maintenance, a machine would eventually conk out.

Our bodies work pretty much the same way. Proper nutrition and regular rest and exercise help the body’s inner workings and make us feel better both physically and mentally. 

Benefits of Superfoods

How do superfoods affect your body and health? Here are a few fast facts you should know about superfoods:

1. Superfoods come in different varieties, making it a versatile addition to your current diet. You can use them as their whole food fresh source, or you can take advantage of superfoods in powdered extracts, capsule, tincture form.

2. Incorporating superfoods into your diet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you don’t have the time or patience to prepare a full-blown meal made with superfoods, good news: you can have them on the go. Superfood capsules and powdered extracts are uncomplicated and simple additions to your daily routine.

3. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: superfoods take the top spot when it comes to its nutritional components. The large majority of them are more beneficial for you compared to other foods in the market.

How to Enjoy Superfoods

Not too keen about adding superfoods into your diet? Don’t fret. People normally grow up with food biases still intact, stemming from an unfortunate childhood experience they might have had over a bowl of broccoli.

Thankfully, our taste buds change over time. What was once “gross” when you were seven could possibly be one of the most delicious meals you’ll ever have in your life. It’s all a matter of slowly adding certain foods to your diet in such a way that won’t trigger any food biases. Broccoli, or any dreaded vegetable for example, can be pureed, shredded, or chopped into fine pieces.

Here are other “sneaky” ways to get into superfoods:

Make a Swap

If white rice is a staple in your diet, swap it with other grains such as quinoa or brown rice. For those who enjoy their serving of mashed potatoes, why not substitute it with sweet potato with coconut oil? Greek yoghurt can be used whenever a recipe calls for sour cream and mashed avocado with a hint of lemon juice and salt & pepper can replace mayonnaise in your sandwich.

Blend It

If you’re always on the go, a smoothie would be the perfect pick-me-upper for days when you can’t have a proper meal. Add superfoods into your smoothie -- there are powders, tinctures, and concentrates - and turn it into a drink that will power up your day!

Going Nuts

As long as you aren’t allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, adding them to almost any dish is another easy way of supplementing your diet with more nutrients. Add cashews for a boost of iron, walnuts for omega-3, protein, and fibre, and almonds for calcium and vitamin E. Eating nuts and peanuts in moderation will be beneficial to your health. Remember that while these foods are nutritious, they are also extremely fatty and have high caloric content.

Eat in Colours

Mother Nature is full of colourful fruits and vegetables. Challenge yourself and make each dish as palatable as possible. Add reds such as capsicum and apples; orange like pumpkin, persimmon, and turmeric; and blue with food such as blueberries, elderberries, and black currants. The rainbow is not only nice to look at but great nutritionally as well!

The Takeaway

What’s amazing about these superfoods is that you don’t have to worry about additives or other unnecessary chemicals -- they’re good on their own and they always add vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing. You don’t need to eat perfectly every day, but the addition of a superfood here or there can leave you feeling better AND be a lot easier to add into your diet than you realise! 

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