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Freeze Dried Siberian Chaga

Freeze Dried Siberian Chaga Online

Our Freeze Dried Chaga Extract is created from organic Chaga which is wild harvested and extracted in the Eastern Siberian Baikal region of Russia. Freeze dried for maximum potency with a 51% Cromogenic Complex and 153,200 orac units per 100g. The extract is produced with minimal heat to lock in and protect the nutritional compounds within the Chaga. Chaga Mushrooms are rich in Triterpenes, Ganoderma Lucidum Acid, and Beta-Glucans. Taken as a pure extract they are highly digestible and bio-available. This is the most potent and high quality Chaga available anywhere and we are excited to be able to source it for you. Use our Freeze Dried Siberian Chaga Extract Elixir as the foundation of your daily nutrition.