What is Shilajit and Why is it a Superfood?

What is Shilajit and Why is it a Superfood?

You may have heard about shilajit from your friends who are die-hard superfood fanatics. Or you might have read about it in an article somewhere. Perhaps you’ve come across it in an aisle of your go-to grocery. Then curiosity got the best of you. And that’s why you’re here, right?

Well, nice call! In this piece, we’re going to put shilajit and its health benefits into the spotlight. Remember the name and take note because shilajit might be your next favourite superfood of all time.


So, what is shilajit?

Shilajit is a tar-like organic mass that was first discovered in the Himalayas Mountain Range. This substance is the by-product of the gradual decomposition of plants and other organisms for centuries. 

Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? Well, we can’t blame you for thinking that. But trust us, there’s more to this superfood than what it is and what it looks like. So read on!

Despite how it has come to be, shilajit still considered as one of the staples in the ancient Indian medical system called Ayurvedic medicine. 

It’s one of the oldest medical systems in the world and it relies heavily on a natural and holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. This approach entails one gruelling ordeal. Which is hiking mountains that span across Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan territories to harvest shilajit. 

So, what makes shilajit so revered?

Potential health benefits of shilajit

Now, let’s talk business. Since most of you are probably here to see what’s in it for you if you include this superfood in your diet, we’ve whittled down the many health benefits of shilajit into a top 7.   

  1. It can help reduce tiredness

According to Emerge Australia, around 0.4-1% of the population (which is roughly 250,000 Australians) is affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. This medical condition is characterized as a complex disabling disease that affects several parts of the body. And some of its common symptoms are persistent and profound fatigue and sleep dysfunction.

This is where shilajit comes in. In a 2012 study, it has been found that shilajit can potentially help with the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. It can help reduce tiredness and anxiety while maintaining the cortisol (our body’s stress hormones) balanced levels.

  1. It can help improve one’s gut health

Shilajit is rich in fulvic acid. And this compound found in shilajit biomass was proven to be helpful in reducing the acid and pepsin secretion in the stomachs of test subjects. Thus, lowering the risk of getting ulcers.

The benzoic acid in shilajit is also being researched for its antibacterial properties. Scientists believe that it can fend off the bacteria in the gut to prevent stomach infections in general.

  1. It can help manage stress and anxiety

Looking at the antioxidant and nutrient content of shilajit, medical researchers think that it can potentially reduce the effects of anxiety and stress. Shilajit, unbeknownst to many, can also trigger our happy hormones called dopamine. That’s why it’s not hard to see where scientists are coming from.

  1. It may help to increase your iron levels

Fulvic acid is undoubtedly an excellent compound that can do wonders for your body. It can act as a catalyst in increasing the iron levels in the red blood cells. What it does is that it helps the cells in the bone marrow to absorb iron.

And when you have sufficient iron levels in your blood, it also means that your red blood cells can acquire and supply more oxygen more efficiently throughout the body.

Sufficient supply of iron in the blood and the humic acid in shilajit can also help prevent iron deficiency anaemia and its symptoms like:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • cold hands and feet
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  1. It can help to promote a healthy heart

In a recent study, shilajit showed protective effects on the heart of the test subjects. Those that were not given shilajit acquired more damage in the heart than those who took shilajit beforehand.

Keep in mind that shilajit has no recorded benefits yet to those who already have active heart conditions or diseases.

  1. Shilajit has antiviral properties

It’s also been found out that aside from antibacterial properties, shilajit can also fend off viruses, including the herpes virus.

  1. It also has anti-aging properties

Fulvic acid, as if we need more reason to love this key compound in shilajit, can also act as an antioxidant. It’s also anti-inflammatory which makes shilajit a great superfood for reducing free radicals and cell damage in our bodies.

As you already know, free radicals and cellular damage are two of the biggest culprits of aging. That’s why eliminating these two factors can help slow down the aging process.

Does shilajit work as viagra?

Long before viagra and other men’s supplements were invented, shilajit was already used to improve men’s sperm count and motility centuries ago. 

Some studies were already conducted to investigate shilajit’s power to improve men’s fertility. A study first published in 2010 revealed that 28 out of 35 infertile men who participated in the research had positive effects after taking shilajit for 90 days. After the experiment, the subjects showed a significant increase in their total sperm count and sperm motility.

While shilajit is not widely recommended yet as a men’s supplement, the attention of medical researchers shifting towards this superfood will hopefully result in more scientific studies to discover shilajit’s nutritional benefits.

How to Use Shilajit

By now you’re probably wondering how you can add Shilajit to your routine, and luckily, it’s pretty simple.

Our suggested usage is to dissolve the shilajit (100mg if using the resin oil / ¼ teaspoon if using the extract powder) in a glass of hot water or milk/mylk. The liquid does need to be hot in order to dissolve the shilajit.

You can drink this shilajit tea elixir by itself, or you could mix it into smoothies, or even your morning coffee.

The taste is definitely an acquired one, but the potential health benefits are worth it!

Where to buy shilajit in Australia?

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