Meet Turkey Tail Extract - An Exciting New Superfood Packed with Immune Boosting Health Benefits!

Meet Turkey Tail Extract - An Exciting New Superfood Packed with Immune Boosting Health Benefits!


It might sound like a not-so-exotic delicacy taken from the world’s favourite festive bird, but turkey tail is a colourful medicinal mushroom packed with antioxidants and compounds that boost your body’s immune system.

As you might expect, turkey tail (coriolus versicolor) bears a striking resemblance to a turkey’s plume and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine in teas, with records showing its first use during the 15th-century Ming Dynasty. These special brews were believed to give drinkers a long, healthful life, and even boost the drinker’s spirituality. But should you be thinking of using the superfood turkey tail extract in Australia?

Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Superfoods Australia

What is Turkey Tail Extract?

Turkey tail mushroom is a superfood that is commonly found around the world (including Australia) in wooded areas fasting on dead trees, making them a relatively common mushroom. Native Americans and Europeans were also familiar with the mushroom’s abilities, giving the mushroom a long, unbroken history as a globally-renowned natural health resource.

As a polypore mushroom, they don’t feature gills on their underside but pores that release spores to spread their growth. While turkey tail extract in Australia isn’t widely known, its popularity is growing as more and more people seek out superfoods to help them live their best lives.

The Health Benefits of Turkey Tail Extract

In the west, the turkey tail mushroom is one of the best-studied superfoods. Research from clinicians has revealed that turkey tail can boost the immune system – confirming what Chinese medicine practitioners have known for hundreds of years.

Turkey Tail Extract Offers Antioxidant Protection

Packed with antioxidants, which alleviate oxidative stress and reduce painful inflammation, turkey tail extract aids the immune system in its daily fight. Researchers also found that this mushroom superfood contains 35 different phenols, flavonoids quercetin and baicalein.

Turkey Tail Extract Boosts the Body’s Immune System

This mushroom is perhaps best known for boosting the immune system. Turkey tail extract contains the polysaccharopeptides Krestin (PSK) and Peptide (PSP), both of which can increase your white blood cell count, helping your body to fight off bacteria and infections. In Asia, many doctors use these polysaccharopeptides as a part of post-surgery and chemotherapy treatment for these reasons. You can read more info about polysaccharides here.

Turkey Tail Extract Helps Your Gut Health

Finally, an 8-week study has shown that the PSP in turkey tail extract is linked to better gut health. The PSP helped good gut bacteria to grow – while reducing the presence of bad gut bacteria, such as E. coli.

Put together, it’s clear to see why turkey tail is a superfood superstar: it offers a well-rounded package of protection for your general health, helping to keep you in fighting shape.

How to Use Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

Taking advantage of the health benefits that turkey tail extract offers is easy if you can find it in powdered form: simply add ¼ to ½ a teaspoon of the turkey extract powder to hot water once a day to create a nutritious, smooth-tasting tea.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, the powder can also be added to your favourite smoothies, cakes, and sprinkled over fruit salad. While the turkey tail extract powder packs a powerful health punch, its light flavour profile means you can easily add it to your favourite foods!

Superfoods Australia offers a high quality, potent Coriolus Versicolor Extract Powder sourced from organic turkey tail mushrooms harvested in forested mountain areas. As one of the most concentrated turkey tail powders in Australia, this is a great choice for anyone seeking to try turkey tail extract.

Start Drinking in the Health Benefits of This Magic Mushroom

Interested in discovering the smooth taste and immune system boost that coriolus versicolor extract in Australia can offer? Turkey tail mushrooms have been enjoyed in traditional Asian medicine and culture for hundreds of years, and now is the right time for you to discover the rejuvenative properties of this special polypore.

Superfoods Australia’s organic turkey tail extract powder comes from specially selected and harvested mushrooms. The powdered format of turkey tail mushroom makes it easy to take while offering you this potent, immune-boosting supplement in its purest form.