What are the Health Benefits of Pine Pollen?

What are the Health Benefits of Pine Pollen?

Throughout the world of superfoods, pine pollen has been widely known due to the numerous benefits which it contains.

Its best-known uses are its supportive effects to the endocrine system, its ability to boost one’s immune system, and its potential for increasing antioxidants in the body’s enzymes. It’s extremely effective in providing healing benefits, as well as being immensely dense in nutrients including over 200 bioactive nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

With so much to offer, let’s get to know this superfood much deeper then.

Where Does Pine Pollen Come From?

Technically, pine pollen is a nutritive adaptogen tonic powder which is collected from different pine tree species.

Even with so many different types of pine tree species growing all over the world, they all have the common feature of making pollen-saturated catkins. These are yellow powdery dust-like pollen that would fill the pine cones and fall towards the ground, completely covering everything around the tree.

The specific species of pine trees are the Pinus sylvestris or the Pinus massoniana, which can both be found in Asian countries, and the latter being more indigenous in European countries. It should be noted though that pine pollen can actually be collected from any pine tree species, and quite a common sight to see in alpine and cold environments all around the world.

Impressive Health Benefits of Pine Pollen

One of the most, if not the most important and unique benefit of pine pollen is its ability to boost the human endocrine system, which is quite a rare feat from any plant that exists on our planet.

Pine pollen is widely known as nature’s most powerful androgen, or a substance which stimulates the creation and production of testosterone in one’s body. Women shouldn’t worry at all though, because the reason why pine pollen is such an effective androgen is because it is known as the only naturally-occurring source of the hormone DHEA.

This hormone not only acts as the precursor to testosterone, but also to the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. In fact, all three of these hormones are important in all human
bodies, whether for men or women, in order to keep a proper hormonal balance within.

Being able to benefit both men and women, pine pollen is actually classified as an adaptogenic herb, which means that it benefits the body’s balance by adapting to whatever conditions are present. This is the reason why not only is it safe to use for both men and women, but it is why it is so effective in doing what it does.

Besides producing hormones and keeping our hormonal balance in check, pine pollen is also able to boost our endocrine system through the effect of DHEA as well. Since the endocrine system has the power to control so many different parts of our body, many of our major organs benefit from pine pollen.

Here are a few examples from Chinese medicine, which has been using pine pollen for hundreds of years:

  1. Pine pollen acts as a lung tonic which boosts the body’s immune system as well as rejuvenates the skin.
  2. It also acts as a kidney tonic which helps the brain, hair, and bones revitalise themselves and promote their growth and repair.
  3. As a liver tonic, pine pollen is able to regenerate the liver and regulate bile secretion.
  4. Being a spleen tonic, it is able to give nourishment to the body’s muscles and increases one’s metabolism and growth.
  5. Most importantly, pine pollen also acts as a heart tonic which increases our heart’s endurance, regulates our blood pressure, and lowers our blood cholesterol.

Eastern medicine has been gaining traction in the past few decades, many claiming it as a healthier, more acceptable alternative to modern medicine.

The Difference Between Pine Pollen Powder and Pine Pollen Tincture

With so many health benefits and hardly any drawbacks, pine pollen is indeed shaping up to be the superfood for everyone!

However, it should be noted that there are different preparations of pine pollen with pine pollen tincture being the most common one seen. A tincture is simply an alcohol extract of a plant or other medicinal organism. In this, a plant is combined with alcohol and allowed to sit over time while its nutrients are extracted from it.

What this shows though is that not every tincture could be the same! Most tinctures come in different extraction ratios, such as 1:4 or 1:5, meaning 1 part of plant extract is combined with 4 or 5 parts of alcohol. This lowers the potency of tinctures as compared to raw pine pollen extract powder, and one should carefully read the labels and preparations of these tinctures to know exactly how beneficial or potent each could be. Tinctures also usually only target one aspect of a medicinal plant, and in the case of pine pollen, focuses on the androgen effect the plant provides.

This leaves most of the other nutrients of pine pollen out of tinctures, and you might miss out on many other positive side effects this way.

Where Can You Buy Pine Pollen?

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