No More Hard Decisions – Get the Six Mushroom Extract!

No More Hard Decisions – Get the Six Mushroom Extract!

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When it comes to the magical world of mushrooms and their myriad health benefits, it can be hard to know where to even start! Australians have an incredible choice between many extracts and even more varieties these days. If you’re like most, you’re probably stuck.

At Superfoods Australia, we want to make things easy for you, which is why we have put together the new elixir. Our philosophy is simple: why try just one when you can enjoy the health benefits of all?

What’s Inside the 6 Mushroom Extract?

This super-elixir is a powerfully potent health booster that’s designed to give you a wealth of healthful benefits every day. This careful 6 Mushroom Extract formula has a precise mixture of mushrooms, each in their perfect ratio, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

Chaga growing on birch tree superfoods australia

Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract (30:1)

Packed with antioxidants and high in bioavailability, Chaga has long been celebrated for its ability to pep up the immune system and reduce inflammation in the human body, making it a great all-round health pick-me-up.

Read more about the Siberian chaga mushroom here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

Reishi Mushroom Superfoods Australia

Reishi Mushroom Mushroom Extract (10:1)

Like many healthful mushrooms, Reishi also gives your immune system support – and clinical studies in the West have discovered that this magic mushroom can even lift your spirits and fight fatigue.

Read more about the Reishi mushroom here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

Cordyceps Mushroom Superfoods Australia

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (15:1)

Cordyceps may look a little different to your average button mushroom, but don’t be fooled by its weedy structure – this fungus can increase ATP, a molecule that delivers energy to your muscles and boosts your exercise performance

Read more about Cordyceps here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

Maitake Growing In forest superfoods Australia

Maitake Mushroom Extract (10:1)

This frilly, almost floral-looking mushroom from Japan is a delicious addition to soups – and also offers plenty of health benefits. Not only does it support your immune system, but recent research has also uncovered its potential to lower blood pressure.

Read more about Maitake here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

Shiitake Mushroom in the forest Superfoods Australia

Shiitake Mushroom Extract (10:1)

If you’re like most Australians, you’ve probably already eaten Shiitake – but did you know that it’s also a health powerhouse? Packed with cholesterol-lowering beta-glucans, anti-ageing compounds, and immune system boosting antioxidants, this mushroom gives your body an all-round boost.

Read more about Shiitake here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

Lion's Mane in the forest Superfoods Australia

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (13:1)

This regal-looking mushroom helps you to beat the modern-day living blues with its anxiety-relieving properties. Lion’s Mane also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative protection to keep your internal systems running smoothly.

Read more about Lion’s Mane here or visit the Superfoods Australia store.

How To Enjoy the Full Benefit of 6 Mushroom Extract

When taking powdered mushroom extracts, the typical serving recommendation is around half a teaspoon once a day. Because dried mushrooms don’t have a strong flavour profile, you can add these to just about anything without affecting the dish or drink’s natural flavour.

At Superfoods Australia, the elixir gives you a potent, yet affordable powdered formula that’s ready to add to your favourite beverages and meals.

Looking for a powerful health kick that’ll start your day the right way? Superfoods Australia has you covered with Espresso Coffee Mushroom Elixir. This deliciously smooth coffee combines Blue Mountain roasted espresso coffee beans with our 6 Mushroom Elixir.

This is a healthy, nutrient-dense coffee mix that’s packed with goodness that’ll make you rise and shine as never before! You should always consult your doctor before taking any mushroom extracts. This is especially true if you are taking prescription drugs or have an existing medical condition.

Take Advantage of this 6-in-1 Mushroom Health Bonanza Today

With so many mushrooms offering health benefits, it can be hard to decide which is best for you – and buying individual extracts can put a serious dent in your bank balance. Getting a potent 6 mushroom extract formula is an easy way to get the benefits of 6 of Mother Nature’s best little helpers.

At Superfoods Australia, we source all of our organic mushrooms from their native lands, harvesting them where they have grown for centuries and processing them on the spot for maximum purity and potency. The end result gives you some of the highest quality mushroom health supplements available in Australia today!