Delicious Ways to Use Chaga Powder

Delicious Ways to Use Chaga Powder

If you’re a little tired of the same chaga tea and you’re looking for some creative ways to get your super mushroom fix, we’ve got your back.

There are many different ways that you can enjoy the health benefits of chaga mushroom minus the brewing and steeping.

Unlike your typical store-bought button mushrooms, the chaga mushroom has a very unique flavour. Its palette it somewhat smooth yet earthy, with a hint of sweetness and mild bitterness. The flavour of chaga tea might take a little getting used to, but with the many different ways that you can use chaga mushroom, you might not even need to worry about trying to get used to it!

Before we dive right into some of our culinary experiments, let’s first talk a little bit about the chaga mushroom and why you want to get this one in your diet.

What is the Chaga Mushroom?

If you’re reading about chaga mushrooms, you’re probably aware of the many varieties of super mushrooms available out there. There are lots to choose from and so many amazing benefits that come from consuming them.

We mentioned that the chaga mushroom is unlike store bought mushrooms in flavour. Well, it’s appearance is also very unlike traditional mushrooms – it actually resembles burnt charcoal. It also actually grows on birch trees, not in the ground like many other mushroom varieties.

It is largely found in cold climates, and if you were to walk past it in a forest, there is a high chance you might not even notice it – unless you’ve got a mushroom-trained eye.

When it comes to the chaga mushroom, it’s a really special one, that is sometimes called the “King of Medicinal Mushrooms”. This is because the Chaga mushroom can be said to stand out amongst mushrooms with antioxidant ingredients due to its powerful free radical-fighting capabilities.

For centuries, it has been used extensively by traditional healers all around the globe to treat various health conditions.

The mushroom is nutritionally dense, containing beta glucans, amino acids, potassium, zinc, calcium, and various vitamins such as vitamins B, D, and biotin.

This mix of health-boosting ingredients all work together in fighting oxidative stress and is believed to aid the body in regulating inflammation.

This amazing fungus has also been used for a variety of conditions including improving digestion, naturally alleviating stress, promoting vitality, boosting energy and improving the immune system.

Besides being a powerhouse for the body’s immune system, the Chaga mushroom even has a place in the beauty world – though, by looking at it, you wouldn’t think so.

It has been used to support the regeneration of the body’s hair, skin, and nails, and could be said to be an anti-aging superfood as well.

The Chaga mushroom's skin benefits include a reliable source of effective antioxidant enzymes which helps to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

What Chaga products are available?

Chaga mushrooms come in different types of products and forms including raw mushroom chunks, powdered mushrooms, freeze-dried extract, capsules, and both pre-packed and loose tea.

The most famous way of having Chaga though is in the form of tea, with Chaga raw powder being a popular option.

Brewing tea using Chaga powder is both convenient and efficient, as it only takes a few minutes and you can serve tea to bigger groups at any time.

Additionally, you can stockpile powdered tea reserves if you plan to use them at a later time.

However, there are still many ways you can enjoy the benefits of Chaga mushrooms besides this.

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Get your chaga mushroom hit with these recipes

Chaga Smoothie

Nothing’s quite as fresh, tasty, and invigorating as a freshly made, ice-cold smoothie. This is often the go-to snack for those who are seeking a reprieve from a hot and busy workday, or after a hard workout at the gym.

Imagine having a thick and lush berry smoothie combined with milk or non-dairy substitutes and adding Chaga mushroom powder to really strengthen that mix. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? All the protective and energizing elements of Chaga mushrooms combined with the refreshing and soothing taste of a fruit smoothie.

Creating this delectable dessert is quite easy. Make a cup of mushroom tea by adding Chaga mushroom powder into a mug of hot water. Cool down the tea in the freezer, or if you’re patient, on the bench top, and after this, mix the chilled tea with a cup of your favorite fruits (berries, bananas) mixed with low-fat milk or non-dairy substitutes. Blend all these together, and you could even add some yoghurt after to thicken the mix. Pour these all into a tall glass, sit back, and enjoy it all!

Chaga Freezer Pops

If you want something to really beat the heat, a lovely cold popsicle might just be the way to go.

You can go about making your chaga icy pops a few different ways – but essentially you need a liquid, some fruit and any other natural sweeteners you like.

You can use liquids like fruit juice, water, coconut milk, mylk, or even yoghurt. Mix in your chaga powder, any fruits of your choice, and maybe even some honey or maple syrup – if you have a sweet tooth.

You can pour this mixture into an icy pole mold, and you will certainly have a tasty, crowd-pleasing snack on your hands.   

Chaga Pancakes and Muffins

If you’re into baking or looking for a more nutritional breakfast option, then have we got a treat for you.

Infuse your chaga mushroom power into your favourite muffin, pancake or baked goods recipe.

You can always add a tablespoon or two to your existing recipe, or replace some of the liquid of your current recipe with some brewed chaga tea - or if you’re looking for a new recipe, you could try this.  

You’ll need 2 cups of flour (you could use coconut flour, hazelnut flour, almond flour, or any others of your choice); 4 eggs, ¼ coconut milk, a banana, 2 teaspoons of chaga mushroom powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and ½ teaspoon of baking soda.

You’ll need to mix the wet ingredients together first, add the mashed banana, then add your dry ingredients, and mix until combined properly.

Then all you need to do is cook your pancakes.  

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