Agaricus blazei - The Missing Link to High Energy & Anti-Ageing

Agaricus blazei - The Missing Link to High Energy & Anti-Ageing

We’re all forced to live with the aches, pains, and ailments of ageing, right? Well, thanks to this potent Brazillian Medicinal mushroom, we can finally say, “WRONG!”

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Superfoods Australia

If the body's busy dealing with things like inflammation, stress, repair, poor sleep, toxic emotions, how's it ever going to find time to heal?

... it can't.

So how do we allow our bodies to heal? How do we declutter the body's workload in order to improve our health and boost our metabolism?

The key is managing our bodies' energy!

Energy is everything. Our ability to stay in shape, feel younger, and live fuller lives comes from how much energy we have. But, if we don't have enough energy?

Fatigue, ageing, and disease all begin to creep up.

Now, how we age is finally up for debate... Our diets play a HUGE role in determining how fast (and how well) we age. And a key nutrient we often overlook... are mushrooms!

Mushrooms (primarily basidiomycetous fungi) are popular and valuable foods. Low in calories, high in minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins and fibres... some even produce potential medical effects and deemed medicinal mushrooms.


One of the most potent species of mushroom is the Agaricus blazei Murrill (ABM). Originally native to Brazil, this powerful mushroom is known as ‘Cogumelo do Sol,' ‘Himematsutake,’ and our personal favourite, 'God's Mushroom.' Quickly, Agaricus blazei grew in popularity, eventually being cultivated in Japan as one of the most important edible and culinary-medicinal biotechnological species.

What sparked this medicinal mushroom mania? Anectdotes from all across the world found Agaricus blazei to aid many common struggles of ageing caused by both environmental contamination and internal disruptions. But, the research is where things get interesting...


Compared to other macromolecules in the cell, DNA is a sensitive molecule, easily damaged by endogenous and environmental factors. That's right. Not only is the environment wreaking havoc on our body's DNA... our own BODIES can cause us harm. And this persistent, repeated DNA damage leads to genome instability.

In recent studies, Agaricus Blazei displayed higher ferric reduction power when compared to several combined medical mushrooms. The ferric reducing ability of plasma measures the antioxidant capacity of foods, beverages, and nutritional supplements containing polyphenols (such as mushrooms).

As well as boasting several antioxidant benefits, this mushroom is an efficient antimutagen. As cells oxidize with age, they may also mutate in response to adverse environments or cell damage. Gene mutations and cell damage can cause several micronuclei to emerge. A micronucleus is a small nucleus that forms whenever a chromosome (or a fragment of a chromosome) is not incorporated properly during cell division. It usually is a sign of genotoxic events and chromosomal instability.

However, when pre-treated with several teas, the frequency of micronuclei in these mutated cells reduced 61.5 to 110.3% according to one study. The results indicate that the mushroom extracts are antimutagenic when tested in V79 cells.


It's not a tooma

While it may not have been a "toomah" for Arnold, our bodies' cells (when damaged) can quickly turn into one. As a mass of cells grows, it can develop into a tumour. These cells continue to grow because they lack the stimulus of natural killer cells.

Studies show that the compound beta-glucan stimulates the activity of these natural killer cells. And... the Agaricus blazei mushroom contains these special types of polysaccharides known as beta-glucans. These polysaccharides are among the most potent polysaccharides for immune health yet discovered, given their ability to modulate the immune response and promote cellular health.

Early reports showed that β-glucans functioned by stimulating host defence mechanisms. β-glucans can potentially generate a novel effector mechanism for tumour vaccines and antibodies to tumour antigens.

Unlike most other natural products, purified β-1,3-glucans retain their bioactivity -- the ability to be absorbed by the body. This has permitted the characterization of how β-1,3-glucans can work on a cellular and molecular level.

In following years, β-1,3/1,6-glucans became a new biological entity... so-called biologic response modifiers... able to function as immunostimulants. These substances stimulate the immune system by inducing activation of any of its components, allowing the body to fight against infectious diseases.


In addition to the beta 1-3 glucan found in most medicinal mushrooms, the Agaricus blazei mushroom also contains a unique beta 1-6 glucan. This may explain the profound immune supporting, antioxidant, and antimutagenic health benefits documented in the published research.

For example, hypertensive subjects, in an open test and double-blind cross-over test, showed that through the administration of GABA-enriched Agaricus Blazei, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure values decreased to statistically significant levels.

As well, several studies have discovered has positive weight-reduction effects (11.8%) and hypocholesterolemic effects (11.0%). The effects of protein-bound polysaccharides were extracted from 90 female volunteers for 8 weeks. The results indicated the synergistic action of Agaricus Blazei.

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