Why You Should Be Including Superfoods into Your Diet

Why You Should Be Including Superfoods into Your Diet

To be able to understand the need to include superfoods into your diet, it’s best to start how our body works.

Our bodies can be akin to machines -- when it is well-maintained, a machine can be expected to work properly. However, when it is neglected, it won’t be able to perform the way it should. It’s bound to run into problems and eventually might even stop working altogether.

The body operates the same way. It needs to be well-maintained for it to function in top condition all the time. One of the things we can do to help maintain its condition is to feed our bodies with food it needs.

Food to Survive

Since the beginning of time, man has sought after food for one purpose alone: he needed it to be able to survive. This is a natural instinct that was easily satisfied through hunting, gathering, and eventually farming.

Over the years, as men became intelligent, so did the food. Food preparation and preservation became a standard practice and culture developed their own
cuisine, utilising what their surroundings would provide for everyday cooking.
In recent times food is not as simple as it once was. We’re surrounded by fast food chains, junk food, and vending machines that make it easy for us to fulfill a need that was once a challenge to do.

Food contains the dreaded C word - calories - but it shouldn’t be painted in such a negative light because believe it or not, we need calories. Our bodies turn calories into energy that we use to be able to perform daily tasks. When we have an excess of calories, that’s when it turns into fat.

Superfoods in Our Diets



What of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals? Just how oil can help machines function seamlessly and without a hitch, we need nutrients for our bodies to be able to stay in optimal shape. We get our vitamins and minerals from superfoods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Antioxidants are also an essential component in a healthy and balanced diet as it will help the body protect its cells from free radicals. Healing and regeneration are natural processes that our bodies can easily perform if it has the help of nutrients.

Benefits of Superfoods

There are a number of benefits for wanting to add superfoods into your diet. The most obvious is its nutritional value; it’s jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential to help our bodies function normally. Other benefits include:

Variety: there are many superfoods out there that can easily be mixed and matched according to your preference. Our powders and extracts can easily be added to your favourite dish or drink for a more nutritious meal.

Convenience: Our selection of superfoods make it easy to incorporate to any diet. Always on the go? Superfoods come in capsule forms. Add a few drops of tinctures in your mouth for a quick dose of your daily nutritional needs. Steep a tea bag of our matcha green tea for a soothing warm drink to help you relax at night.

Nutrient density: They aren’t called “superfoods” for no reason. Many are much more nutrient-dense than other food. Acai berries, for example, have much more antioxidants than other berries such as cranberries and blueberries.

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