Who Else Wants to Hydrate Without Drinking a Glass of Water?

Who Else Wants to Hydrate Without Drinking a Glass of Water?

It may sound simple but staying hydrated every day can work wonders for your body. From warding off common illnesses to plumping up your skin, improving your mood, and stopping that belly bloat, just drinking water can do all that. Water has too many benefits just to be shrugged off.

Hate to break it to you guys but, if you want to feel the best you possibly can, you should probably drink water as much as you can (and more than you probably do right now).

But admittedly, drinking just water all day can be less appetizing than, let’s say, chugging down a few cans of soda. You may be thinking: why drink plain water when you can drink a cup of coffee or a glass of fruit juice, or other much more refreshing fluids, right?

Well, you’re not wrong about that.

Here's some good news for you! Fortunately, there are real ways to refill your body with some H20 without chugging down a glass of boring and tasteless water. Below are some of our favourite ways to get that H20.

1. Take a bite of your water

Yes, you read it right. In some ways, you can have your water and eat it, too! Maybe you’re just not aware, but you actually eat fluid-filled foods every day like soup, yogurt, and oatmeal. But if we’re talking about hydration, these fruits and veggies below are a better source of water and other minerals that your body needs.

Fruit and veggie salad, anyone?


This is a no-brainer. As the name suggests, watermelon is a great source of, you guessed it, water. It may not look like the traditional fluid that we know, but guess what, it’s actually 92% water!

This fruit is one of the best thirst-quenchers there is, no wonder it’s a summer favourite. Not only does it refuel your body with water that you lose during the hot seasons, but it also provides significant amounts of nutrients.

It’s a great source of salt, Calcium, and Magnesium, which are all ideal for rehydrating the body, and other nutrients like Potassium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.


If you think 92% of water in watermelon is amazing, cucumber is actually the one to beat. It has 96% of water, which is the most in all water-filled fruits and vegetables.

Whether you prefer them sliced, or diced, or juiced, cucumbers can rehydrate and refresh your tired body with water, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and Iron! The best thing about cucumbers is that they are also free of saturated fat and cholesterol.


Let’s set the record straight, once and for all. Celery is more than just a garnish for your fancy meal or a snack for your kid’s pet bunny.

If you’re not eating celery, then you’re certainly missing out on its Potassium and Vitamin K content! They’re also rich in fibre and water which takes 95% of the veggie’s content.

Given that, you probably should rethink how you incorporate celery in your diet. A single stalk of celery is too nutritious for you to set aside and you should take advantage of it more!


Even if we don’t tell you the health benefits of strawberries, we know you’ll indulge in a refreshing bowl of it in a heartbeat. Who doesn’t love the perfect blend of sweetness and tang of these berries, right?

But more than their flavourful and refreshing qualities, strawberries are also packed with nutrients and minerals like fibre and Vitamin C. Oh, did we mention, it’s also 92% water? It’s the highest content of H20 among all berries known to man.

As if you need another reason to love this summertime favourite!

2. Drink a glass of not-water

There are many ways of intaking your daily H20 fix. Aside from munching on fluid-filled foods like fruits and veggies, most beverages can also rehydrate your body more than you think. Some drinks even provide extra benefits!  Below are only some of them.

Bottoms up!

Coconut water

You all know how useful the coconut tree can be. You can cut every part of this tropical tree—from the trunk to the leaves, fruits, and even the husks—and use them for survival if you ever get stranded on an island.

Although that’s very unlikely, you’d still want to learn how to crack a coconut open. That’s because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the all-natural and thirst-quenching beverage inside. The coconut water, unlike many sports drinks, is low in carbohydrates but rich in Potassium, which makes it great in rehydrating your body after some light exercises.


Remember the fruits and veggies that we’ve mentioned before? Throw them into a juicer or blender, add some milk, mylk, or water, then blend them to make a thick, flavourful, and nutritious glass of smoothie!

The combination of water-rich fruits like watermelon or cucumber and additional water or milk will fully hydrate your body given its fluid content. Fixing a glass of fruit shake is certainly a great way to shake up your rehydration plan.

Healthy sports drinks

Believe it or not, you can rely on several sports drinks nowadays to replenish your electrolytes without harming your body. Look for sports drink brands that don’t put too much sugar in your bottle. These healthy sports drinks will maintain the ionic balance of your body by replenishing the water and electrolytes that you lost during a gruelling workout.

Hot beverages

We always link rehydration to cold and thirst-quenching drinks. The more beads of tiny bottle sweats that appear in the packaging, the colder and more refreshing the drink is. Unbeknownst to many, hot beverages, like coffee (yes, coffee) and tea, are also a great way to rehydrate your body! 

Coffee and tea are essentially water in nature. So, there’s no doubt that they can replenish all the fluids that you lose in a day. But besides being a great H2O fix, coffee and tea are also a great source of the antioxidants that you need in flushing out all the free radicals in your body that might cause several diseases.

But unlike coffee, it’s much easier to find tea herbal varieties that don’t contain caffeine. So, if you’re cutting your caffeine intake, brewing a cuppa tea might be a better idea.

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