Try These Superfoods for Radiant Youthful Skin

Try These Superfoods for Radiant Youthful Skin

When it comes to your skin, there's one thing we know for sure: What you eat can have a direct impact on how you look. If you're not specifically munching down on superfoods for glowing skin and instead are constantly chomping on processed foods or those high in sugar and fat and devoid of fiber, it can show up in the form of dull skin, along with other issues like acne, dryness,
oiliness, or dark under-eye circles.



A diet focused on high-quality lean proteins, fiber, healthy oils, raw fruits and vegetables, and spices is best for supporting healthy skin. These foods tend to contain high-quality amino acids, which are the building blocks for firm skin, plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients that promote optimal skin metabolism and defense against environmental effects.

Here are three of the best superfoods to have radiant and youthful skin.




Acai berries are considered to be a superfood in the health food world. They offer superior nutritional value vs the calories they contain, along with a multitude of health benefits to boot.

Acai berries contain a high amount of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that works to fight off free radicals which can damage our skin cells, hair, teeth and eyes. Not only does this boost of antioxidants help to promote young and radiant skin but it can also help eliminate free radicals that can cause cardiovascular health issues like heart disease.

Acai berries have also been found to have detoxifying effects as they can help cleanse the digestive system and improve intestinal health. The natural fibre in acai also assists you to digest and absorb nutrients in other foods.




The Elderberry is a medicinal plant used throughout history by everyone from Ancient Egyptians to Europeans to Native Americans. Elderberry has been used for everything from treating pain to decreasing inflammation and swelling. You may recognize elderberry as an immunity boosting superstar. But in addition to keeping your body healthy and strong, the elderberry packs amazing skincare benefits as well!

Elderberries are nutrient & antioxidant-rich, making them ideal for use in skincare. They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, making them a powerhouse for fighting free-radical and environmental damage from things like UV rays and pollution. It’s also high in vitamins A, C and E. These all help to decrease the signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots, and sagging skin.

Additionally, elderberries are rich in antioxidants, specifically flavonoids, and anthocyanins. These powerful antioxidants provide protection from the free radicals just waiting to wreak havoc on your skin.




The famous Chaga mushroom is a potent fungus that is found in high elevations, on all species of birch trees. Chaga has centuries of use in Europe and Asia for its antioxidant support. In particular, Chaga extract is absorbed easily by the body for fast benefits. Chaga mushrooms can boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and protect cells from free radicals.

The Chaga mushroom's skin benefits include a reliable source of effective antioxidant enzymes which helps to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. In addition to skincare, this amazing fungus has been used for a variety of conditions including improving digestion, naturally alleviating stress, promoting vitality, boosting energy and improving the immune system.

Chaga extract is an anti-aging skin superfood which can penetrate the skin deeply and quickly replenishes the lost moisture, providing moisture boosting properties. This could enhance skin regeneration and improve wrinkles and dull skin color problems. Chaga extract could brighten and tightens skin tissues, normalizes the activity of the skin’s cells and improves cellular immunity.


Acai berries, Elderberries, and Chaga mushrooms are all superfoods which could provide your skin revitalizing and cleansing properties, making your skin as youthful as ever. These superfoods even have many immunity-boosting and revitalizing properties to not only make your skin look younger, but also make your body feel much better overall.