Top Benefits of Acai Berry Organic Extract Powder

Top Benefits of Acai Berry Organic Extract Powder

Acai berries resemble grapes and blueberries and provide nutrients with antioxidants that are important to your health. The increase in popularity has been a source of sustainability to many regions of the world There are various types of Acai palm trees which are native to South and Central America. Acai trees are found planted around the south of Brazil, Peru, to all the way across the continent in the North of Belize. Now that the Acai berry is a highly sought after fruit, Brazil now employs over 30,000 people to keep up with the high demand.

The Acai berry has been around for centuries and is just one of these fruits that has been discovered in this vast region of the Amazon. Acai berries grow from a palm tree and hang from the branches of the tree in clusters. As Acai palms are hard to grow outside of the Amazon and the berries are highly perishable, acai berries are typically found in an organic extract powder.

Adding Acai Berries To Your Diet

Acai berries have similar properties as red wine when it comes to controlling fats. Most diets often contain unhealthy foods that have cholesterol and sugar. Acai berries are full with energy and have a vibrant taste with a hint of chocolate. Acai extract powder can be consumed raw, in capsules, juice, smoothies, or in other foods like jelly or even ice cream. Acai berry organic extract powder and juice has introduced itself into health food stores where most consumers use it as an energy booster.

Acai Berry Nutrition Facts

The Acai berry is found to possess a large number of health properties that our body requires on a daily basis. Acai powder is a rich source of amino acids, dietary fiber, omega fatty acids, and protective antioxidants. Nutrients that come from Acai berries include:

●Acai berries are essentially superfood that provides you a boost of energy.

●This superfood is rich in minerals, fibers, lipids, and proteins. Including potassium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

●Acai berries contain C complex, B1 and B2 vitamins.

●Antioxidants (anthocyanin), substances responsible for blood circulation.

●Acai raises good cholesterol (HCL) and combats bad cholesterol (LDL).

●Acai berries contain at least 5.96% fat and 2.37% of protein.

Here are several other nutrients that the Acai fruit reportedly contains:

●Beta carotene









●Vitamin D, and E


Years ago acai berries, which are palm fruits, were traditionally pulped to make wine that was rich in minerals. Today, Acai powder is one of the top leading superfoods and continues to provide people with a wide variety of benefits without the side effects. With loads of nutritional perks, Acai berries give us a chance to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle.