Creative Mother's Day Gift Set Ideas: Super Foods and More for Super Mums

Creative Mother's Day Gift Set Ideas: Super Foods and More for Super Mums

Show your mum how super you think she is when you give her a superfoods gift set for Mother's Day. These gift sets are creative yet easy to make. Plus, you can completely customize them to match your mum's hobbies and lifestyle. Start with these ideas.

Pampering Basket with Women's Superfood Mix Capsules

This idea is an excellent option for pampering mums who are health-conscious. If your mum is always looking for a healthy boost to her daily routine this gift basket will be perfect.

Include wellness-related items like a salt lamp, essential oils, face masks, and women's superfood mix. The superfood mix is a delightful and healthy blend of superherbs and superherb extracts such as:

  • Black cohosh extract
  • Damiana extract
  • False unicorn
  • Asparagus P.E.
  • Wild yam extract
  • And many more!

Tea Time Basket with Matcha Tea and Green Tea Chai

If your mum is an avid tea drinker, then a tea-themed gift set for Mother's Day is an excellent gift idea. In this basket, you could add tea cups, napkins, or biscuits. Another option is to skip the basket altogether for this gift set and fill a tea kettle with some themed items instead.

Matcha tea powder and Green Tea Chai are another great addition to this gift set, especially if your mum's favorite tea is green tea. Besides the great taste, matcha tea powder offers many other benefits, such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and more.

This gift will be extra special when you offer to have tea time with your mum. She'll love the basket, but getting to spend time with you will be her favorite.

Green Thumb Basket with Plant Superfoods

This gift basket is a lovely Mother's Day idea for mum's who have a green thumb and enjoy spending time in the garden. Fill a giant watering can with gardening essentials, such as gloves, seeds for her favorite flowers, succulents, and lawn ornaments.

Add a natural fertilizer to the basket when you include plant superfoods. Adding superfoods to the soil of the garden helps make the soil rich in vitamins and minerals.

The Perfect Gift Basket for Your Mum

Use one of these gift basket ideas, or invent one of your own. Your mum will love how much thought went into creating a basket designed just for her!

To get more ideas for your custom Mother’s Day gift set, shop our full selection of superfoods.