How To Get The Most Out Of Superfoods

How To Get The Most Out Of Superfoods

“Superfood.” That word seems to be everywhere nowadays. But there’s a good reason: a superfood, like Siberian chaga, curcumin or pine pollen, is a nutrient-rich food or extract considered to be especially beneficial for overall health and well-being.

Eating healthy foods paired with superfoods on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help keep your weight at a healthy level while keeping your blood pressure regulated. Many also believe that a daily intake of superfoods can not only help aid in digestion but can also enhance your immune system and give you that extra boost of energy you’ve been looking for.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your superfoods, there are some tips you can follow.

Make Superfoods Part Of Your Meal Prep

Superfood extracts or supplements can sometimes look, smell or taste unappealing on their own. But when they’re mixed into recipes for smoothies or even muffins, they’ll blend in so well you won’t even be able to tell you’ve added a superfood.

The easiest way to work supplements or extracts into your regular diet is to make it a part of your daily or weekly meal prep routine. This way it won’t be difficult to incorporate superfoods like Siberian chaga or acai berry into your diet.

Get More Health Benefits In Fewer Servings

Did you know that a single serving of superfood extract, sometimes as small as a tablespoon, can give you the antioxidant and nutritional benefits of nearly three to six servings of your common fruits and vegetables? This means you can get more health benefits and nutritional value in much smaller portions.

Superfoods can even contain nutrients that aren’t found in any other common produce aisle, making them a real nutrient superhero.

Think About Superfood Synergy

We know that superfoods are nutrient dense and can improve your overall health. But while these foods, powders and extracts are great on their own, they’re even better when paired with another superfood. Try thinking about superfoods that would complement each other for even more complete and well-rounded nutrition. Need some help in that department?

Pine pollen 20:1 extract powder pairs great with cracked cell wall wild harvested pine pollen. The cracked cell wall pine pollen includes some raw enzymes which are missing from the pine pollen extract powder and the extract powder has more active ingredients and compounds than the cracked cell wall pine pollen.

Or try these extract blends, which are already packed with multiple superfoods for maximum nutrition:

Supplement, Don’t Replace

Superfood extracts are meant to supplement or enhance healthy, fresh foods, not replace them. Superfood extracts are derived from real food and sometimes even have more nutritional value and benefits than fruits and vegetables. But there is no replacement for a well-rounded meal. Make sure you’re following a healthy, well-balanced diet to get the most out of your superfoods.

Pro Tip: Looking to further enhance what you’re putting into your body? By consuming conventionally grown produce, you’re digesting a large amount of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizer residue. And nobody wants that. Instead, pair your superfood extracts with organically grown fruits and vegetables to get less chemicals and more nutrients into your body.

Superfood supplements and extracts can help boost your diet and daily well-being. Enhance your nutrition today with Superfoods Australia.