The 4 Revitalizing Benefits You Could Unlock With He Shou Wu

The 4 Revitalizing Benefits You Could Unlock With He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu powder, produced from the root of the He Shou Wu plant, has long been known as a fortifying and revitalizing superfood associated with various wellness-related benefits. One of the most popular Asian Yin tonic herbs, He Shou Wu is sought after for its Jing energy-boosting properties. Those in traditional Chinese medicine believe that it can help improve one’s longevity, sleep quality and can even lead to better, fuller hair. These properties are why He Shou Wu extract is often considered one of the most beneficial superfoods on the market.

1. Longevity

He Shou Wu has been said to promote better circulation, which can have a positive impact on health and overall energy levels. The He Shou Wu herb works by stimulating the body, which can produce various longevity-promoting substances.

One of the most useful substances He Shou Wu likely helps to stimulate is superoxide dismutase – a potent antioxidant that helps to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. He Shou Wu may combat and prevent this harmful oxidative stress, promoting longevity and reducing the risk of various oxidative stress-related diseases, like diabetes or high blood pressure. In other words, it may slow down the natural processes that start to break down the body.

2. Hair Growth

Hair can sometimes turn gray or thin if there’s a blood deficiency present. But many have long believed that He Shou Wu powder has the ability to revitalize hair color and stimulate hair growth. This is due to its suspected ability to help increase blood circulation and stimulate red blood cells.

Keep in mind that there can be many different issues at work that can cause the hair to turn grey. If your greying hair doesn’t stem from a blood deficiency, He Shou Wu likely will not actually help.

3. Lower Stress Levels

He Shou Wu, an adaptogen, works with your body to create balance and harmony. Traditional Chinese medicine also claims that this superfood can stimulate our intuitive abilities – inspiring spiritual awareness, heightened intuitive guidance and overall creativity. As a strong antioxidant, He Shou Wu could help reduce inflammation, which could improve brain functions like focus, learning and memory.

4. Quality Sleep

Good health starts with good, restorative sleep. He Shou Wu powder has been used for regulating sleep length as well as helping to prevent insomnia in certain cases.

Try it for yourself. For an easy way to create a tasty tea, simply follow this recipe: Mix one teaspoon of He Shou Wu extract with 250 ml of hot water to make a delicious, calming tea that could help you sleep better tonight. Other common uses of He Shou Wu extract include elixirs, smoothies, ice cream, chocolate, puddings and more! Order yours now.

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