Why you should eat fat

Why you should eat fat

Fat gets a lot of bad press.

When it comes to our diets and eating habits, so many people try to avoid it all costs.

But, in terms of health and nutrition, fat is one of the key essential elements of a well-balanced diet to nurture your body.

This fact comes as a surprise to many since fat derived from food is usually labelled as bad for our health. We’re here to clear some things up to help you understand better what exactly fat does to our bodies and where we can get fat -- the good kind, that is!

Fat and our diets

Fat can impact your health both positively and negatively. Fat helps to fuel our bodies and give us energy; it helps to absorb vitamins; and the right kinds of fat can help protect our hearts and brain health.

Like everything else we consume as part of our diets, too much fat, of any type, can lead to weight gain and other health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Some types of fat are better than others and can help you improve how well you think and feel, boost your energy, and even lose some unwanted pounds.

To help you out, we’ve put together some info about some of our favourite superfoods with a healthy dose of good fat.

Superfoods with good fats


Nuts are a favourite super snack of many. And it’s for good reason. They are cheap, easy to take with you, and of course, delicious.

In addition to all of this, nuts contain a whole bevvy of important vitamins and nutrients, including protein, fibre, Vitamin E and of course fats. Many nuts contain both unsaturated fat and Omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Nuts are high in calories, so you still want to eat this super snack in moderation, but the good news is, the combination of fibre and fats in nuts helps to keep you feeling fuller.

One of the best things about nuts is the wide variety available. You can reap the benefits of eating nuts from almost any type. Walnuts are a favourite because of their higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, but other nuts like almonds, pecans and hazelnuts are all considered to be extremely healthy (and delicious) choices.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are a naturally occurring superfood packed with plant-based protein and are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. A tiny yet mighty member of the superfood family, hemp seeds are so jam packed with nutrients and vitamins that you will be wondering how they could all possibly fit into one hemp seed.

Hemp seeds are also a good source of vitamin E as well as phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc. These are minerals which the body needs in order to recover energy faster from day-to-day activities, as well as keeping the overall health and wellness of the body balanced.

The presence of omega 3 could have an important effect in reducing inflammation in the body as well. This allows a person’s muscles to be able to repair and rebuild more quickly, restoring one’s vitality in no time at all.

Hemp seeds can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. You could simply add them to your favorite smoothie or shake, toss them into a salad, or mix with an oatmeal breakfast for a simple yet energetic meal.

Hemp Seed Oil

We can’t possibly talk about Hemp Seeds without talking about hemp seed oil as well. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the hemp seeds through a cold-pressing process. There are a wide range of health benefits associated with hemp seed oil as it contains high levels of Chlorophyll, minerals and essential fatty acids.

The abundance of fatty acids – linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, and gamma-linoleic acid – which are omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids are often considered to be the reason behind the health benefits associated with hemp seed oil.

Some of these potential health benefits include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving the appearance of skin
  • Reduces inflammation

Hemp seed oil has been likened to walnuts or sunflower seeds in taste, which makes it a delicious addition to your diet. It can be used in a variety of ways, with one of the most popular being added an ingredient in salad dressing.

Bulletproof MCT Coconut Oil

You may have heard about Bulletproof MCT Coconut Oil due to the rise in popularity of bulletproof coffee, which uses the addition of MCT Coconut Oil to really fuel the day.

Fully derived from coconuts, this wonder oil is a brainpower enhancing, fat burning and energy boosting addition to any diet. What makes MCT Coconut oil so impressive is that it converts into ketone energy faster than other fats and oils to give you a boost in energy. Another benefit of this oil is that it is sugar free, so that increase in energy is going to last longer and doesn’t make you crash as the day wears on.

One of the reasons for the above benefits is that MCT oil contains caprylic acid, which is an easier to digest high quality fat, so you get the energy boosting faster than you would with others.

And if the above health benefits were not enough, at Superfoods, the Brain Octane MCT Oil we stock is packaged in fully recyclable and BPA-free plastic bottles, which not only ensures your MCT oil tastes great, but your environmental impact is reduced as well.

The most popular way to add MCT Oil to your diet is in the form of a bulletproof coffee – if you’re interested in a recipe, you can find one right here. But bulletproof coffee isn’t the only way you can enjoy it, add Brain Octane MCT Oil to your smoothies, salad dressings and can even be added to your favourite nut butter.

Get more of the right kinds of fat today

Superfoods contain a variety of nutrients, like healthy fats, which could possibly help prevent heart disease as well as keep one’s energy at peak levels.

Healthy fats are found in a huge range of foods and ensuring you’re getting enough of the good kind of fats can be as simple as adding some of the superfoods we’ve mentioned today into your diet.

And if you’re looking to nurture your body with nutrient and antioxidant packed foods, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Here at Superfoods Australia, we have a wide variety of superfoods to give your body the boost it needs. Ethically sourced from the best producers from all over the world, our products have been meticulously chosen with you in mind. With Australia-wide shipping and a vast range of superfoods available, we make it easy to get your superfood fix today!