Six Fascinating Health Benefits of the Maqui Berry

Six Fascinating Health Benefits of the Maqui Berry

The maqui berry is quite an exotic-looking plant if you take one look at it. It’s dark purple in color, and grows out in the wild in South American countries. This plant has actually been used and harvested by the native Indian of Chile for over a thousand years!

They have used it for the various medicinal and health benefits its leaves, stems, and berries are able to offer. Most of the world has caught up to this once-hidden “superfruit” though, with an explosive rise in the maqui berry’s popularity in recent years.

Scientists have been able to study this closely and vouch for its “superfruit” name due to the presence of a high amount of antioxidants in the plant. Tests have also shown so many possible health benefits people can get from it including reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels, and improving one’s heart health.

A South American Delight

In South America, in the remote regions of Chile, live the Mapuche Indians. They are a tribal band of fearless and enduring warriors who show great strength and power both in combat and in doing daily work.

For thousands of years, the secret to the Mapuche Indians’ amazing vitality has been kept hidden from the rest of the world, and they weren’t telling the reason why themselves. Only in recent years has the secret finally been revealed - and that is the Maqui berry.

These berries have been grown since ancient times by the Mapuche Indians and have been adopted by the new local population in nearby surrounding areas. Even without scientific research, these locals have found out how effective the maqui berry is in detoxifying the body and shielding it from the harmful effects of the environment.

Let us now look more closely as to what other secrets the Maqui berry could have.

Six Fascinating Health Benefits of the Maqui Berry

Fighting Free Radicals

One of the main reasons the human body experiences cell damage and inflammation over time is due to the presence of free radicals. An effective way to prevent these effects is to load up on food which are rich in antioxidants,
which the maqui berry is found to have a copious amount of. These antioxidants are able to stabilise the free radicals which enter the human body, and are able to prevent damage from occurring to our cells.

Reducing Inflammation

There have been various researches associated with the maqui berry showing to reduce the amount of inflammation in the human body, especially dealing with heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. These are caused by various compounds within the berry such as delphinol, which show powerful anti-inflammatory effects. These have the capability to reduce inflammation in blood vessels, as well as inflammation in the lungs.

Sweet Thoughts

The maqui berry is also able to naturally moderate and stabilise blood sugar levels through its ability to affect the way a human body breaks down carbohydrates for energy. Even as small as a 5% reduction in blood sugar levels was seen in some research, and this amount translated to the difference between being diabetic and not for some cases. This is mostly due to the presence of high levels of anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant that gives many positive effects to the human body.

A Healthy Heart

Speaking of anthocyanin, that multi-purpose antioxidant has also been seen to have a link to a healthier heart.

Having a diet high in anthocyanin has been able to reduce the risk of heart attacks in young and middle-aged women, as compared to those whose diet was low in this. The lowering of “bad” cholesterol, or LDL, is also an effect of the maqui berry, being able to reduce blood LDL levels by over 12% in a span of three months.

Protecting the Gut

One of the parts of the human body which has the highest concentration of bacteria and viruses is the intestines. Overall, having a diverse range of organisms in the gut is actually beneficial for one’s digestion and overall well-being, but this needs to be kept in a constant balance. The maqui berry is able to help maintain this balance by increasing the number of good bacteria and keeps the intestinal tract in check.

Eye Overuse

Each day, a person’s eyes are subject to a barrage of radiation, light, and heat from so many sources including television, the sun’s rays, computer monitors, and mobile phones.

It is widely known that too much exposure of one’s eyes to these elements can damage them in the long run, and it is in everyone’s best interest to keep this damage as low as possible. This is where the maqui berry steps in.

Antioxidants in the berry can offer protection from damage due to light sources and promotes the repair of damaged cells in the eye.


So, is maqui berry good for you? The answer is a deafening yes, and though more studies still need to be conducted to further put its health claims into more a more concrete light, it is never a bad idea to start incorporating superfoods like the maqui berry into your diet.

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