Camellia Sinensis Cracked Cell Wall 100g

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Camellia Sinensis Organic Cracked Cell Wall Raw Green Tea Pollen 100g

This restorative Camellia sinensis pollen extract form the natural ingredient properties of the green tea plant. Rich in raw vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and coenzymes. Our green tea camellia sinensis pollen integrates both the benefits of green tea and raw pollen into your daily routine. Order green tea camellia sinensis pollen and other antioxidants today at Superfoods Australia! Our High quality raw cracked cell wall Camellia Sinensis pollen contains dense bio-active nutrients and amino acids.

Unique Protein Analysis of Camellia Sinensis Pollen from laboratory testing has identified close to 400 different proteins in fresh Camellia Sinensis Pollen. The proteins found are from a unique group of proteins called "defense-related" proteins. 46 different types of protein are found in fresh Camellia Sinensis Pollen. Digestibility Our RAW Camellia Sinensis Pollen is over 99% digestible, ensuring that you absorb all the important nutrients.

In comparison, bee pollen is estimated at 5% digestibility. Nutritional Analysis Camellia Sinensis Pollen contains 5 - 8 times higher levels of amino acids than raw dairy or eggs, making it both unique and a powerhouse of amino acids. Camellia Sinensis Pollen contains a full spectrum of B Vitamins, offering more B Vitamins than any other pollen. Extremely high in Nucleic Acids and full of bio-available trace minerals. Camellia Sinensis Pollen is for everyone desiring optimum, restorative nutrition. We highly recommend using Camellia Sinensis Pollen as the foundation of your daily nutrition.

Suggested use

Add 1 teaspoon to hot water, milk/mylk to make an instant tonic tea elixir.

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