Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil 90 Softgels

  • ★ From sustainably wild-harvested Norwegian cod
  • ★ Packed full of essential nutrients and fatty acids
  • ★ Carefully extracted without heat using ancient principles
  • ★ No heat, chemicals or mechanical pressure used in the extraction process
  • ★ 100% fish gelatin softgel capsule in a glass jar

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    Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) 90 Softgels

    Finally the world’s best cod liver oil is available in super convenient capsules so you can take them everywhere with you and not have to worry about keeping the oil in the fridge. It is also great if you don't like the taste of cod liver oil but still want to enjoy all the nutrition it provides.

    Rosita Real Foods Artisan Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is produced in small batches from Wild Harvested Cod (Gadus morhua) from the Pristine Clean Waters of Norway. It is made from superior quality fresh livers using an age-old cold climate cold pressed extraction technique.

    The resultant oil is as pure & authentic as it was for the Nordic Vikings hundreds of years ago. This is the highest quality cod liver oil available in Australia and the rest of the world, you really have to try it and experience how great it is.

    Rosita cod liver oil is a favorite at Superfoods Australia and the capsules make it really easy to take. Cod Liver Oil is full of fat soluble vitamin A and D3 which are essential fatty acids and highly nutritious.

    Each 3 capsule serving contains 1260 IU of vitamin A and 127 IU of vitamin D3. So what are you waiting for? Add some to your cart right now, we will ship them to you the same day via Auspost express and we 100% money back guarantee the product! We accept credit card, paypay, afterpay, bank transfer and Auspost money orders.

    Suggested Serving Size: 3 capsules 

    All of the Cod Liver Oil and Ratfish Liver Oil Rosita Real Foods products are independent tested by third-party institutes, laboratories and universities. Thorough analytical tests have been performed by the following third parties: NIFES ALS FOOD & Pharmaceutical Eurofins Food Testing BioDetection Systems The Nutrition Analytical Service, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, UK Extra virgin oil was also tested [as far back as: 15.07.2011] by the producer at ECO-Marine using Nofima (the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research) BioLab which specialises in marine raw materials and products. Project no (C3937).

    Please consult with your physician before using doses substantially higher than recommended, or taking this product if you are pregnant or lactating, diabetic, allergic to fish or iodine, using blood thinners, anticipate surgery, have a diagnosed cardiovascular condition, bleeding or immune system disorder. Keep out of reach of children.

    If you or your child has never consumed fish or fish oil, or if you suspect a food allergy, consult your doctor prior to using a fish body oil/fish liver oil product. As an additional insurance, you could also rub a small amount of Cod Liver Oil into a small area on the skin, such as the lower leg.

    "These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

    Supplement Facts
    Suggested Serving Size: 
    - 3 softgels (500mg each)
    Servings Per Bottle:
    Approximately 30
    Amount Per Serving
    % Daily Value*
    Calories 15
    Calories from Fat 15
    Total Fat 1.5g
    Saturated Fat 0.5g
    Cholesterol 5mg
    Vitamin A 1260 IU 25%
    Vitamin D 127 IU 32%
    Omega-3 Fatty Acids 417mg
    DHA 195mg
    EPA 143mg
    Omega 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 fats, vitamins, plus other fat-soluble nutrients. These nutrients, including vitamins A and D are 'naturally occuring' and never added to our oil.
    Softgel capsule casing: Made Using 100% Fish Gelatin.
    Allergen Information:
    - Contains Cod Fish.
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Double the values when taken twice daily.
     Daily Value not established.
  • Wild Harvested Norwegian Cod (Gadus morhua)
  • Cold climate cold pressed extraction technique
  • Now in a Glass Jar!
  • Convenient capsules which don't need refrigeration Independent
  • 3rd party tested for purity
  • Avoids the taste of the liquid cod liver oil
  • Great source of fat soluble Vitamin A and D3 fatty acids