Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder

  • ★ Antioxidant Protection from oxidative stress
  • ★ Contains beneficial polysaccharides, vitamins & minerals
  • Organically Di-Tao grown on logs 
  • ★ Independently 3rd Party Lab tested
  • ★ Excellent for improving gut health


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    Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder 15:1

    Wild Harvested Organic

    So-called for its incredible likeness to a turkey’s plumage, turkey tail is an amazing medicinal mushroom so rich in immune system boosting health benefits that cultures around the world have used it in traditional herbalism since ancient times.

    Benefits of Superfoods Australia's Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract:

    • Beta Glucan Polysaccarides
    • Organic semi-wild harvested in the mountains
    • Potent concentrated extract
    • Nutritional mushrooms to boost your energy
    • Independently 3rd lab tested for heavy metals in Australia 

    Turkey Tail: Discover the Best-Kept Health Secret of the Ancients

    Turkey tail mushroom (coriolus versicolor) has been a mainstay of traditional herbalism and remedies in Europe and North America, where it was used to treat various illnesses. In China, it was enjoyed as a soothing, herbal tea during the Ming Dynasty.

    Turkey Tail Extract Is a Simple Way to Boost Your Overall Health

    Turkey tail is one of the most-researched mushrooms in the West. Much of that research confirms what ancient shamans and practitioners of traditional Chinese herbalism have known for decades – that turkey tail mushroom is an all-round superstar when it comes to maintaining your health:

    • Antioxidant Protection: combat oxidative stress and inflammation with an extract that packs a powerful cocktail of 35 phenols and flavonoids
    • Immune System Booster: assist your body with PSK and PSP that promotes an increased white blood cell count to fight off poor health
    • Gut Health Balancer: rebalance the bacteria in your gut by nourishing good bacteria and reducing the impact of bad bacteria

    Suggested Usage

    We love adding up to ½ a teaspoon to drinks like tea, coffee, or smoothies for an extra health kick. With its light flavour profile, you can even add it to sinful treats like cakes, so they’re not just naughty, but oh so very nice at the same time!

    Alternatively, you might want to try this the way Chinese people have for hundreds of years by mixing ½ teaspoon with around 250ml of hot water to create a tea that has a smooth, almost coffee-like flavour.

    Get a Potent, Organic Turkey Tail Extract, Straight from The Source

    Superfoods Australia’s turkey tail mushrooms are organic and wild harvested in the pristine mountain forests by ditao farmers whose families have picked these mushrooms since the Ming era.

    Our turkey tail powder is a 15:1 extract, with 15 kilograms of raw, dried mushroom creating 1 kilogram of this highly potent turkey tail extract, sealed in protective packaging that protects the extract to maintain its high potency and efficacy.

    Order your turkey tail mushroom 15:1 extract today and discover the potent health benefits that this prized mushroom has to offer!

     Please note: This product can't be shipped to the European Union. 

    "These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA or FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

    Sourcing: Di-Tao organic wild harvested in mountains of China. The Turkey Tail is solar dried and then dual extracted with alcohol and water to create the most potent Turkey Tail Extract available. 

    Benefits of Superfoods Australia's Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract:

    • Beta Glucan Polysaccarides
    • Independently third party lab tested for heavy metals in Australia 
    • Organic wild harvested in the mountains
    • Potent concentrated extract
    • Nutritional mushrooms to boost your energy