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Pine Pollen Tincture - Made In Australia

Pine Pollen Tincture - Made In Australia

We now have our amazing liquid Pine Pollen Tincture in stock with fresh batches constantly on the go. We used our amazing raw organic wild harvested Pine Pollen to make this liquid tincture which allows rapid absorption and a convenient way to get the most out of the pollen. We extracted our Pine Pollen with a high quality Siberian vodka with added Siberian Ginseng for extra vitality. The extract is completely raw and unheated so all the delicate compounds are still in tact which increases the potency. Extraction is done over period of 2 weeks to a month to make sure all the compounds are released into the alcohol.  

Try our Superfoods Australia Pine Pollen Tincture today! 

11-08-2019 Daniel

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